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    • karem722
      i think i'm still young to use this !! im 28
  • Well if you can go for over an hour that would be enough for most of us. Learn to control your mind - your thoughts. So you feel the excitement of her with your body but control your mind by taking your mind off sex or her and putting it elsewhere so your senses will not overload. This is what some men have told me they do. And they get used to controlling themselves so they learn to continue longer and longer.
  • If I am understanding your question correctly--there are times when you do not last for more than a couple of minutes, AND there are also times where you last much longer. For those times when you are lasting much longer, was there anything the two of you did that was different which might have actually helped you to last longer? A solution that I have used from time to time to last longer is this: Near the beginning of your sex session, incorporate having her stimulate you by hand or by mouth and go ahead and ejaculate. After that, you can move on to other activities (not intercourse yet) as you both see fit. This will allow your body to "reset" itself. Then, after a certain amount of time has elapsed, (at least a half-hour works for me--but can be longer if desired), you can move to full intercourse and enjoy being inside your wife for much longer without the pressure of feeling like you're about to ejaculate. You can even change positions and your speed to make it interesting. Then, you can eventually allow yourself to ejaculate again--but make sure you have pleasured your wife to hers (and your) satisfaction before doing so. Hope this helps!

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