• no need to worry.the best person won. all this mess will be cleaned up.
  • Why would the new President ban all those things? He doesn't strike me as being the Dennis Lambert type.
  • What a foolish response. Are you a fool?
    • Murgatroyd
      I've seen foolisher. Lol:)
  • Jailed for riding your scooter? Sounds like you have been fed a lot of fear by leftist magazines and TV shows. And why do you think that you are so important they would single YOU out? For any reason? You don't seem to have any understanding of Trump at all.
    • Murgatroyd
      Thinking one is being singled out isn't a sign of self-importance, officegirl. I used to see comments like that on the old AB. Why assume lilylights thinks she is "important" just because she is being singled out? If you'd ever been singled out yourself because of a personal grudge, your response would probably be different.
  • None of that stuff is going to happen lilylights. Go ride your scooter, play with your baby sister and rest assured that you will be able to dance and be a goofball anywhere you want to dance and be a goofball. When somebody tells you all this foolishness tell them to go away "...before somebody drops a house on them." You know that's not going to happen and neither is what you've been told is going to happen.
  • O likelihood that would happen.

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