• a 1000 a month to get out of this slum.
    • Ice man
      A thousand bucks doesn't go very far any more and the bills seem to escalate every time I turn around. Sorry to hear about your situation and wish you the best of good luck in changing it.
  • I'm happy now and I don't make much at all.
  • Enough to have a home and not have to worry about payments or taxes on it. To have a Jeep and boat and motor 14 foot with 10 hp motor.. Maybe take a trip once a year and have a girlfriend to share it with. I would say about $30k per year at current inflation levels.
  • $25 million. Taxes take 40%, but that leaves enough that with a return of 8-10% per year, you can live well indefinitely without having to work.
  • Enough to buy me a two litre bottle of cola, 17p.
    • Linda Joy
      How much is 17p.? I got a 2L cola for 69 cents the other day. Yet they want to charge almost twice that for a cold 20 oz at the register!
    • Ice man
      @ Linda - 17p works out to 23 cents American. So he could have got 3 x 2L bottles for what you paid.
    • we are dough 68
      Are you a Math teacher ?
    • Ice man
      Sit up straight young man, spit out that gum, turn off your Iphone, and pay attention ! (what ever gave you the idea I was a teacher ?)
    • we are dough 68
      After class, you keep telling me to bend over and take my punishment.
    • Linda Joy
  • It isn't all about me. I'd like to be able to bless others and make a difference in their lives. Also to be able to help animals.
  • happiness is within money does not bring happiness Money bringing happiness is fake news...haha
  • as long as i get enough to cover my needs i dont care
  • I believe research has demonstrated that Americans feel more secure and, as a result, feel happier as they make more money up to about an average of $55,000/year. Beyond that more money does not tend to make them happier.
  • Amount I get I am thankful. Disability from birth I receive. Not lazy they give training programs. I don't think of money extra but is good to earn.
  • Just never being in debt will keep me happy. At the moment I have no debts and no-one owes me anything either. I'd just like it to remain that way and I'll plod along as normal. It's a comfortable place to be in my opinion.
  • im happy just be comfortable owning all my stuff .and paying all the bills

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