• In my youth... lol. I actually still like Matchbox 20. I like Yourself or Someone Like You, but I also liked their newer one North. I think they might be broken up now.
  • Does huge mean famous, fat, or muscled up? I don't know the guy.
  • Yes, I remember. It's funny how people to drop off the radar or become passe'
    • Linda Joy
      I just watched all of the X-Men movies. Have you seen them all? I don't want to spoil anything for you but most people have seen them or don't want to. They're coming out with a new one in 2020. Its kinda like a next generation thing.
  • Hardly any pop musicians from that era are still relevant. Thomas released a solo album earlier this year (2019), and no one paid it any attention. Remember Paula Cole? She won a couple Grammys (as best female pop artist) the same year as Rob Thomas, and also released a new album this year, which also received no mainstream promotion whatsoever. Others like Jewel and Seal have moved on to TV and movies.

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