• If Wonder Woman give him a second, Trump will defeat himself.
    • OrangeDonRump
      Trump has High-Grade Halitosis that could kill anyone.
  • Whoa! Wonder Woman could make all those politicians tell the truth with her golden laso!
  • Kevin Spacey.
    • Captain Pants
      Jun 4, 2021 I miss you. I'm back. Where the hell are ya? Yahoo Answers closed, and the entire jokes & riddles category moved to a site called Tapatalk, but gays overrran it posting porn shots so it's dead. I was remembering how funny you and Ice man were. I'd love to just TELL JOKES somewhere. That's all I want to do. But you'd HAVE TO come back and help me make funny, I cant just be the only funny guy. That wont work. If you leave me alone I swear, the next time my pants fall down, I'm gettin on the bus that way! (OK, it's not much of a plan. Hold on, I learned a trick from Towelie *gets high* ....Dude, whaaa ??
    • Linda Joy
      I miss you both, and ice man!
  • Trump is a woose...He would run away!
    • Shadowfire the Sarcastic
      What's a woose?
    • Linda Joy
  • Trump has a very particular and famous grappling move he uses against women that would probably not make Diana very happy.
    • Linda Joy
      There's not much I'd pay money to see, but this is one!
  • If Trump were a fictional character, this would be a very different world.
  • Trump would assault her with his hair and it would gross her out so much she would run.
  • We all would.
  • Wonder woman would win. She's much more powerful. Trump is a loser. He's a poor sport. Wonder woman would win but Trump will claim he did.
  • Trump would barge in on her while she was in the bathroom. Then Wonder Woman would lash him to a seat in her invisible airplane with her golden lasso and send him on a one way trip to Moscow where he he can be with his buddies who are all going to jail. lol
  • She might get him to tell the truth.
  • (Would you look at all of the intelligence in this room... my, it's a wonderful day in the neighborhood.)
  • How do you think up such rubbish?
  • Well...Wonder Woman can breathe space while wearing her one-piece bathing suit and lassoing asteroids. *** On the other hand, Trump can lie with both hands tied behind is back. *** Too close to call.

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