• The Beatles set the bar for contemporary music. John Lennon and Paul Mccartney were brilliant writers. George Harrison brought his Eastern influence. Ringo Starr was a great drummer. The combined talents of those four lads on music is immemesurable. There talent has stood the test of time. Beatles music is still being played on the radio today.
  • they didn't influence contemporary music ......they WERE contemperary music
  • The Beatles= The British Invasion without them probably no Led Zeppelin The Beatles inspried the Byrds to go electric and Dylan himself The Beatles in 1964 were already doing folk rock and country rock before it was popular The Beatles influence the Beach Boys to do Pet Sounds The Beatles popularize guitar feedback I Feel Fine The Beatles Ticket To Ride uses guitar drone before the Kinks The Beatles Rubber Soul shows traces of psychedelic music The Beatles Yesterday is most covered in the history of music. The Beatles are the highest selling rock artists The Beatles invent arena rock Shea Stadium concert The Beatles first record releases of sitar, tabla, tamboura and maybe the mellotron The Beatles first to use backward music on a mix. The Beatles invent trance dance music on Tomorrow Never Knows and maybe progressive rock The Beatles Love You To the first rock record to combine classical Indian with rock The Beatles Helter Skelter maybe the first heavy metal song The Beatles Revolution maybe the first punk record.
  • I hear it all over music. Feedback they popularized. Helter Skelter is one of the first heavy metal songs. Tomorrow Never Knows is sample like one chord dance type song that your hear all over the radio. Backward vocals are used by Eminem and others. Automatic Double tracking of vocals. They were one of the pioneers of progressive rock. They wrote their own songs which was not the norm for rock artists back when they came out. They were ahead of their times.
  • A bigger role than any other band/artist I would say. You can see that almost every genre of music around today... Every type of song structure.. etc. It can almost all be traced back to The Beatles. If not directly than through some other bands. It's hard to overestimate their influence. It's hard to imagine today's music scene being anything like it is without their existence. They were/are that important.
  • The Beatles inclueded lyrics in their albums first.
  • They had an influence in what music has evolved today, which does not mean they had any influence in music composition at all. Since Mahler, nothing new has been invented in terms of music composition and we have gone from bad to worse. The Beatles were a cool band, they influenced people and the music as it is today, but they have done nothing for music itself. They were great show people but not that great musicians as people tell. I am completely sure than in 200 years no one will listen to the Beatles, because only truly mastery composed music survives ... sadly music died 1 century ago and only a few modern composers for film music try to keep it alive.
  • If you had watched the Leonard Bernstein concerts back in the seventies abd eighties yiu would have learned the the Beatles took a lot of their clues from classical music.
  • They started the ball rolling. They're the starring role.

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