• I don't see why not. I've seen many movies without reading the book (Wizard of Oz for one) and become a fan.
  • I'm one of them. I like Harry Potter, and I'm planning to see the movie on Monday. Sad part is, I never read any of the books.
  • YES. There are movies too. (I like where you put this question)
  • Yes the movie is spectacular
  • Yes you can. You can love the movies and not read the books.
  • You can be a fan of the movies, but you miss out on much of the story if you don't read the books. Starting with the Prisoner of Azkaban, the books get too long to really adapt to movies. One of the things that they talked about in connection to the Goblet of Fire was how they were really only able to tell half of the story in the movie. This is going to be true for all of the remaining movies. Yes, the movies are very good in their own right, but they just can't do the books justice anymore.
  • Not really. Harry Potter films don't accurately reflect the books. A lot of it is changed and much is omitted. The 5th Harry Potter film was very good in my opinion, but it was like a blurb on the back of a book, it just skimmed over the story, didn't concentrate on originally significant parts and was generally quite different. Harry Potter IS the books, that's how it started out, and in order to be a fan I think you need to read them, otherwise you're just a fan of HP films.
  • Of course you can!! Just watch the movies.... DOWNFALL: The books have more of the story than the movies do...
  • Absolutely. My sister only watches the movies and she is a big fan. I have tried to get her to read the books but only because the books have so much more details. Also they really develope your feeling's for the characters.
  • oh yes defo! although ive just started reading the books after loving the films am on book 5 now i luv it i think im getting obsessed lol
  • yes you can i started watching the films before i read one of the books
  • How can you be *after* reading the books!
  • you would be more of a fan if you read the books! Didn't you see what happened when the 7th book came ? Everyone were outside book stores camping all night!
  • Absolutely NOT. A true Harry Potter fan has read all the books-at least three times. People that THINK they like HP because they have seen the movies are either extremely bad movie critics or have had a Confundus Charm put on them.
  • Yes You can be a fan of the Harry Potter Movies. However, you miss out on some gret stuff from the books.
  • Yes, there are people who are fans that haven't picked up one of the HP books or any books period, in awhile. A majority of my friends have seen the films, and a few own them, but not all have each HP book. Yet, they consider themselves fans. :) JK Rowlings made her money, she's happy thats all that matters! :)
  • Sure..I only tried one book and didn't like it...but I loved the movies...
  • Not a TRUE fan because the movies just skim the surface. A TRUE harry Potter fan has read the books about a million times and to them the characters are alive. The movies do not give a depth to any of the characters the way the book does.
  • well... i guess one could argue the point that a harry potter fan is one who could use the pages of the book to displace wind, and therefore was like any other house-hold "fan"... but, i have seen at least two of the movies i think and i suppose i am a fan too but... you decide *.*

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