• Basically, no. However, you can set most versions of Windows to power down the monitor and hard drives or even go into standby/sleep/hibernation after a pre-set period of time. I don't use these options because in my experience, Windows doesn't really like to be on standby. When I'm done using my computer, I turn it off. If I go to bed while there's a large download running or something like that, I just let it run all night and turn it off when I get up. So far, this hasn't caused any problems. There's some variation in where the settings for this are, depending on your version of Windows. The best way to find them is to go to Start > Help and then search for "power schemes." it should come up with a topics like "Automatically put your computer into hibernation" or "Choose a power scheme" that will tell you how to find the settings.
  • Actually, yes. There is a program called shutdown.exe that when executed . . . shuts the system down. Shutdown is safe - it is included with Windows. There is also scheduler, that you can set to run shutdown. But don't bother to write any viruses - AV companies are keen to it now.

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