• That will depend entirely on the laws governing where the deceased are buried. In some places, this is fine. In others, there is only one body allowed per coffin and/or grave. Or, two coffins may be placed atop each other. And lastly, some will allow one body plus one set of cremains in one coffin. Like I said, it depends.
  • In a funeral held here in Victoria, Australia, two small children where killed in a car crash. Both where buried in the same coffin, as a request from the family. It is one of the very few times I have heard of more than one person being placed in the one coffin.
  • There's no law forbidding burying two people in a casket. However, there may be a cemetery rule against this practice. There is also the practical consideration that - for burying two adults side-by-side in the same casket- an oversize casket would be required, as would an oversize grave, and an oversize vault, if one is used. So, two grave spaces would be needed in the typical cemetery. Burying one person on top of another in the same casket shocks the sensibilities of normal people, so there might be some objections to doing that. On the the other hand, burying children two-or three to a casket has been done often, usually in cases where siblings died together in a fire or other such tragedy.
  • In 1973 my mother had a set of fraternal twins, a boy and a girl, that died during childbirth, they had a special casket; pink on one side/blue on the other and it had white angels on it. I was only 5, but I remember it. They were both buried in the casket with their feet touching in the middle. It was closed casket and I never seen them.
  • I don't think so. But it would be nice to do that if they died at the same time. I have heard of mothers and babies that die during childbirth or an accident being buried together with the baby in the mother's arms. Here's one for you: did you see the news story where they found a prehistoric couple in Italy that were buried facing with their arms around each other? They're going to try and dig them up without disturbing them.

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