• 100 flowers 100 chocolates 100 balloons a $100 gift card A reprint of a newspaper from her birthdate.
  • Errr...wait...what should YOU get as a gift for your grandmother's 100th bday? Nothing...your grandmother should get the gifts. :P
  • A pretty emboidered handkerchief, nicely boxed and wrapped. These were part of a everyday wear when she was young, and probably part of her life until she became old. Even if she doesn't remember what a handkercief is, she will ove the delicate and pretty design. At 100, she doesn't need, won't use and probably can't appreciate a lot of things. Think of something that has meaning for her, or can make her feel nice when she looks at it.
  • A card with a letter telling her how much you appreciate her, feel about her, memories of her, etc. If her eyesight is not well then make sure you read it to her. By the time most people are elderly they do not want knick-knacks. However, a heartfelt card and letter with kind words will never be forgotten. I did this once for my Dad for his birthday and his eyes welled up with tears. I've seen that card and letter tucked away in his dresser drawer.
  • you could get her some flowers
  • Time spent with you. Can she get out then ask her whete she'd like to go. If she cant get out then spend time with her. Ask her about her life growing up what was fun and what wasnt. What were her favorite vacations or holidays or who were her best friends. Sometimes seniors dont remember yesterday too well but they can recall long ago exceedingly well. Bring her her fav ice cream and have a chat. People tend to forget that time spent with someone can be a great gift.
  • Give her 100 balls
  • Do you think she would enjoy a 1/2 pint of Jack Daniels and a high end cigar?
  • Old ladies are a lot less staid & repressed than a lot of people think, hire a male stripper for her, maybe one who sings "Happy Birthday" as he strips.
  • A $100 Savings Bond. It will give her an incentive to stick around and collect it at full value.
  • if she likes chocolates /perfume / photo of you ..happy birthday to her

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