• Flea dip, read the instructions for the size dog. There are drops that are dosed per size of dog. If your dog falls even smaller than "puppy" size, then a trip to the vet is needed to get the correct dosage amount for the size dog. Fleas have three things you must attack: 1. fleas/eggs on the dog 2. Adult fleas and Eggs in the carpeting/floor/furniture - anywhere where the dog lays on cloth material. 3. Fleas on other animals and from the outside. Flea dip followed by drops as preventative usually does the trick on treating the flea infestation on the dog. ---> You will find in the case of the Flea Dip that you are NOT supposed to put drops on the dog for up to a Week (for most Flea Dips. Some may indicate longer, while others are to be used in conjunction with drops. Read the Instructions before use.<--- In the carpet, in furniture (like under the sofa cushions) Flea powder can be liberally applied and allowed to stay for up to 1 hour before vacuuming. In the sofa, under the cushions (Same for chairs and similar furnishings) you can sprinkle on the flea powder and leave it for up to a month - after a month you will want to vacuum it up and sprinkle on fresh. This also works with the carpet fresh powders - the nice smelling powders that combat animal smells. Under low furniture Eucalyptus leaves/branches can be used - push or set them under the furniture and leave them. The oil of Eucalyptus drives fleas away - out into the center of the carpet to where the flea powder will kill them. Eucalyptus also provides some other health benefits and smells nice enough. With all powders, potions, pills and chemical treatments read the instructions carefully. Next time you are at your Vet's you can discuss with your vet OTC medications (like aspirin, children's tylanol, antihistamines, blah) and what the proper dosage would be for those types of medicines for your dog. We are lucky we have a 80 lb Black Lab/Rott mix - she gets children's dosages (under 12 years of age) on such medication as pain relievers. Speak with your vet about other things as well, such as the optimal running temperature of your little dog - Some (not all) in the ear thermometers can be used in the ear for dogs - of course a dog registers hotter than a human. A helpful page for vitals on animals (dogs and cats) You will find that a dog runs between 101 to 102.5 degrees. Lastly, there are drops and chews out there that prevent not only fleas, but ticks, mosquitoes, heart worms and various other common pests found with dog. You should visit the Vet and get a full consultation about the potential ills in your area. In the case of Drops those are used only during the seasons that fleas/ticks/mosquitoes are present. If you live in the frozen north/east where the winter brings ice and snow then it is safe to assume that as long as your house is clean of these parasites that the dog will not pick them up outside.
  • frontline spray. check out and
  • wash him in some lemon dish detergent.
  • Trick them... Tell the dog and the fleas you have to weigh them seperately and when the little suckers are on the scales, hide the dog...
  • dawn dish detergent. it kills the fleas instantly and is safe to use on puppies under 6 weeks.

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