• That's an interesting quote. Personally, I think it means that no matter what other people think of you and how they interact with you, ultimately it's you who decides the way in which you view yourself. Others may abuse you, attack you, hate you but whether that is taken to heart depends is a decision made by the person it is directed towards. All of us, everyday, are affected by human interaction yet it's how we personally judge these interactions as individuals that have an impact on our persona as a whole.
  • I had not heard that before. It's a very good quote. To me it means that others' negative opinions about you should not define who you are. You know...the school bully who targets you..or someone who disagrees with your outlook/beliefs and engages in attacking you personally..but the opinions of those who love you and know you..those you should definitely pay some attention to (oops..dangling preposition..sorry)
  • By "consent", ER means that you must agree to believe, at least to some extent, what your detractor says about you in order for his/her words to affect you. It means when you believe something, you've chosen to believe it, imho. Superficial example - if Bonehead calls me the stupidest moron in the universe when I call the wrong number, I'm going to laugh, not believe him. In that case, I've chosen to believe that a simple mistake means I'm human, not an idiot.
  • To me it means..stick and stones can break your bones but words will never hurt me. But sadly I let certain peoples words affect me. Have a lovely day gt:)
  • I have to agree with Jodie44. I think it means it's our belief in what people say that makes the difference in how it makes us feel.
  • this is sort of what i tried to convey to Arisztid this past weekend. do not allow assholes to take up too much real estate in your head.....
  • Wow, that's actually one of my favorite quotes as well. No one can make you feel inferior without your consent. To me, this means that as long as I don't let people's opinion of me bother me, I will be ok. I am comfortable and confident with myself and a lot of it has to do with the meaning behind that quote.
  • If I feel inferior just because of the thoughts and or perceptions of others..I have consented..allowed that..nobody to blame but me..etc etc.. :)
  • To me it says that no matter what someone says to you or how they treat you if you have self worth then they cannot make you feel inferior.
  • This means... only you can allow someone to make you feel like you are beneath them because regaurdless of what someone says to you, you are the one that either accepts it or rejects it.
  • That's one of my favorites, too. Eleanor Roosevelt was an amazingly strong woman! I totally agree with her...we are what we believe ourselves to be. When people try to tear you down, that is all about their insecurity. Have confidence and ignore people who try to break your spirit!
  • While this statement is true generally in my opinion. it is quite different when inequality is enshrined in law. EX. DOMA, DADT...
  • "I have your consent to make you feel inferior"-Johnthepyro.
  • Sorry, but when the government supports and promotes a state of "separate but equal" in terms of basic rights like marriage equality, they are most definitely actively making a whole class of people inferior (by law) without their consent.
  • I have to concur with Wide Awake Phoenix. If the government continues to push for laws that prevent or take away rights of it's citizens, it's pretty much telling us that they don't consider us all equal. Since when is it not "We the People" but "We the white, Christian, heterosexual Republicans?" These people don't "make" me feel inferior, but they make me fight that much harder to vote them out of office and get these discriminatory laws changed.
  • That no one can treat me like a second class sock!!
  • 2-20-2017 It means you can not BE offended, you have to TAKE offense. An insult does not exist until you accept it. If you don't accept a gift, to whom does it belong?

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