• Yes, all three. I think the whole process of writing a song or painting a picture is a way of expressing one's self, or at at least projecting a certain expression to the audience. I guess the lyrics in a song play a part, as do the colours you choose to paint your picture.
  • I'm a piss artist and express my talent by falling down stairs and talking a load of drivel.
  • i write poetry when im pissed or angry or depressed words just seem to flow ....Then when i m better i edit it!!! I paint at times but my paintings are generally dark!
  • It has been said that my area of expertise in the field of art is drawing bovines.... Seriously, I am a singer, and a writer. I sing mostly in church these days, but in the past have done semi-professional work in a gospel rock band, and as a solo artist. I have written and played my own music, as well as done covers. I also write novels, short stories, poetry, and articles for various periodicals (theological, genealogical, newspapers).
  • I have dabbled in art (drawing and painting) in the past, but have always had interest in music and songwriting.

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