• Endlessly cleaning, licking and biting herself is a sign of anxiety and/or depression; grooming is a "comfort" thing for cats. Your vet might try to break her of the habit by putting on a cone collar for a while so that she can't, but this does not always work. The best thing you can do is try to distract her, and spend plenty of time and attention to her. Sometimes cats snap out of this behavior, but it can go on for some time. You may need to talk to your vet about it if it continues for a long time or if her skin develops sores.
  • Another option is to get another cat to keep her company again...if she is used to living with another then she may not know how to be on her own....often too when they live with eah other fo so long, like with humans when one dies the other will too. If you don't want to get another cat then maybe you could pay more attention yourself with extra love. There is always the drug option from the vet too.
  • I am the person who posted the question but didnt have enough space in the rating bit. But my cat has finally stoped cleaning herself, but then she started ripping the wallpaper off of the wall and in 17 years she hasnt done anything like that so that was strange. She has stoped that now and has moved on to sitting by the cupboard untill we open it so she can see inside (probably looking for her brother). She sits out side and screams when she wants to come in and recently she constantly meows at 6.30am untill someone gets up to let her out or feed her. lol... but we pay alot of attention to her and i think if we did get another cat she wouldnt like it atall. But cheers, good answer :D!
  • This is typical behavior of a cat that has kidney disease. more than likely your cat has crf. chronic kidney failure is the most likely cause considering the age of the cat. I would get her to a vet as soon as possible.

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