• Probably the same reason you have one called new england!
  • It used to be called New Amsterdam, because it (and the area) belonged to the Dutch. When they 'sold' it to the English, the latter of course did not want to keep that name, and changed it to New York to show off their British ties.
  • It isn't named after the city of York, but after James II, (or James VII of Scotland), 1633 - 1701, who was also Duke of York & Albany. James was the younger brother of Charles II, and acceded to the throne in 1685. He was given the title 'Duke of York' in 1644, 20 years before the city's change of name.
  • The Dutch first called it "New Amsterdam". Also, the America's is based on immigration and most names there originate from towns in Europe. So when many immigrants arrived, they named it after their new home. From England, people went by boat to a place they called "New England".
  • Because York (note the capital Y) is a splendid place and it deserves to have famous places named after it, like New York (again, note the correct use of capitals). How dare you spell place names with lower case initials?
  • Lots of American places are named after English places.

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