• Jehovah!
  • Okay. You're looking for a real answer. I'll try to keep this to a manageable length. In the original Hebrew Bible, 4 letters (YHWH or JHVH) occur nearly 7000 times. This is the self-chosen name of the Most High God. While it is usually replaced with "God" or "Lord" in all capial letters, it may occur as "Jehovah" or "Yahweh" in English Bibles. Look in a King James Bible at Exodus 3:15 and Psalm 83:18. Byington's "Bible in Living English", the American Standard and New World Translation use Jehovah; The Jerusalem Bible uses "Yahweh". In the Garden of Eden, the Devil challenged Jehovah's authority and the past 6000 or so years have seen what we can call a court case both in heaven and on earth. Both sides in this universal issue are calling witnesses to testify to their claims. Isaiah 43:10-12 calls God's faithful servants 'witnesses'. Hebrews 12:1 calls ancient prophets a "great cloud of witnesses' and Revelation 1 calls Jesus the "Faithful and True Witness". He said himself that he came to earth to 'bear witness to the truth'. Therefore, from the time of righteous Abel (Genesis 4; Hebrews 11) those who take God's side in the matter have been Jehovah's witnesses. We testify that he is true and that his rulership over us is just and good. Revelation 12:9 and the next few verses show that Satan opposes these witnesses. The court case appears to be nearing its end and the weight of evidence is for the rightfulness of Jehovah's rule. Those in favor of this rule gladly witness to that fact.
  • I knew this Messianic Jew named Shimon once, a funnier guy you could not get. If he saw the JWs coming in his gate, he would put his yamulke and prayer shawl on, throw open the door and say, "Friends, we were Jehovah's witnesses long before you." Funny, they stopped coming after a while. LOL
  • Kevin, I am not sure that I understand what you are looking for here. Can you please elborate?
  • Well from my experience growing up in an Italian / Catholic home, they are witness to my mother slamming the door in their face.
  • Murder... If they knock on my door. Geez! Lighten up people, it's just a pun!
  • They are witnesses to a false doctrine that leads them away from the righteous, almighty God and His kingdom. Pray that their eyes be opened and their souls redeemed.
  • Well, they try to witness to others about JEHOVAH, but honestly from as a Scriptural perspective they are strongly misled about who JEHOVAH God is and who Jesus Christ and the truth about hell as well. It hurts me to say this because I know many will probably get offended, but I say this because I love JW's and want them to be saved. -In the service of the Master. Thank you and God bless you!
  • I know the witnesses to be good and kind people,and very much devoted to God. The one thing that concerns me with this religion is the part where they are not allowed to "Eat Blood". I understand they will not take blood in a medical emergency to save themselves or their children.I would like a clarification on why this is so.
  • ut there is no letter J in Hebrew. Nor is there a V or a W. Look up HEBREW ALPHABET and see for yourself. Where do these Bible experts come up with this. Go to a synagog, they'll be happy to teach you real Hebrew and not this made up nonsense.
    • mushroom
      "Vav" is the 6th letter in the Hebrew alphabet.
  • False doctrines People slamming doors in their faces and if they come to my door, 2 hungry pit bulls.
  • Um...Jehovah perhaps
  • But there is no letter J in Hebrew. Nor is there a V or a W. Look up HEBREW ALPHABET and see for yourself. Where do these Bible experts come up with this. Go to a synagog, they'll be happy to teach you real Hebrew and not this made up nonsense. And in Hebrew close as you get in English would be: Yad-he-wow-he Yad is not Y he is not H and wow is not W
    • mushroom
      In Hebrew, it's yad-hey-vav-hey, which only represents the consonants. When written with the vowels, it's spelled y'ho-vah, but Adonai (the Lord) is said in its place.
  • Satan. My 2 cents.
  • Oh boy! Another great hit. Seems the Watch Tower Society aligned themselves to the KGB in the USSR in 1962. It only gets better at disarming these hateful heretics. Seems the Jehovah's Witnesses were turning their own members in to the KGB. Anyone not bettering the tithe got reported and sent to Siberian gold and salt mines. Any JW's care to respond before I find out more and provide the links?
  • They are Witnesses to loads of lies and cover ups. Charles Taze Russell was convicted of fraud in 1914 for selling Miracle Wheat at $60 a bushel. The wheat from which he obtained it was selling for $1 a bushel. The Eagle newspaper reported Russell's Cult was a fraud and simply a money making scheme. The wheat Russell was selling wads Government tested and found to be substandard. In 1912 a Reverend Ross wrote a book exposing Russell as a fraud. Russell had been claiming he was an expert in Greek and Hebrew. He sued Ross for slander and lost, admitting he knew nothing of Greek or Hebrew and only had 7 years of education. His lies of taking theology and systematic theology were also exposed. Russell claimed his ordination was from god. This all comes from Wikapedia. Just look up Charles Taze Russell. This FALSE RELIGION has continued now for about 100 years. As I previously stated recruiting mainly from the ranks of poorly educated, welfare recipients and physically/mentally disabled. The recruiting criteria is my own observation along with numerous sources that state the same. Already know the Jehovah's Witness response. They will tell you Wikipedia is Satanic.
  • I have to add. I hate prescribing crap like Respiridone and other psychotrophic drugs. What is needed is therapy. But budget cutbacks since 1981 resulted in the pill feeding solution. Well Holiday seems to have analyzed me. But he analyzed someone with psychiatric experience. Many of my patients like to play doctor. See what I end up doing because I have never married or had kids? Holiday should have seized on that weakness. I am a failure with women. Problem being I can't seem to find any that like being treated like a princess. Or used to my honesty. I do lie. But truth is certain to come out within 3 days. Usually in under an hour.
  • Added thought here. I see a big collection of negative points every time something is posted against Jehovah's Witnesses. Isn't this a little hissy fit? I mean. It really does come across to me as another big negative about Jehovah's Witnesses when they do that. Not that I am complaining for myself as I want negative points to fight my war on narcissism. But others may not care for them. Just offering this. But really do think it gives your organization another really negative image. You might want to consider just letting go or otherwise responding without attacking. While you are against wars. I sense here you show hostility of murdering people in your mind because they counter your beliefs. I don't believe Jesus taught that. I think turning the other cheek might apply. Just my thought though. Take it or leave it.
  • No the two events were a bit over a year apart. On that after the fact one, I can't recall where it actually happened. I believe his home though. Only reason we caught the one in the car is there was a two story parking lot and someone called and reported it. I said I was on the arrest. But only as back up. Happened in city and I was county. But use us as back up. Guess I am careless talking about this on line. I never would here.Though it's been 27 months since I quit volunteering. As said, I would be in big trouble giving that information. And I would have to go to the courthouse to look up dates and names. My memory is not that good that many years back. I know at 5 years, all closed cases go to archives with the SO. And that limited to those involved or their lawyers. Even I can't get access. ( spoke as though still an officer, and would have not been able to access unless involved such as reopening an investigation) Actually, I remember the paper. Name of the guy and conviction for rape saying he was clergy without naming the church. Just the 100 block where located. Guess we cover thing up a bit in our press. Small town. Only 20,000. They like the paradise image.
  • Well people keep asking my affiliation. I am a Benefactor Member in the National Rifle Association. I just reactivated my membership in the Veteran's of Foreign Wars. So that the sum total of my affiliations. Kind of funny on the VFW. I had previously been a member in the late 70's and 80's. And this time almost as if they didn't want me as they kept asking more and more questions about my service and credentials. If, I had sent them a copy of my DD214, it is sanitized because of my former security rating. As well as the fact that as Sole Surviving Son, I was never supposed to be in Viet Nam anyway. But I have promotion/transfer orders. My Saigon Embassy meal pass and loads of pictures showing me there. Some showing me at work with my Remington 700 338/300 and M14 rifles and my accomplishments with them as well. Well, looks like. I will use them as another platform to stop Jehovah's Witnesses that have been given a free ride of freedom by the spilled blood of others. And then they curse those that provided those freedoms for them. And I'm not just talking wars but those that take part and speak against their own government. If it weren't for political activists we would have an absolute dictatorship now. Witnesses, but for the rest of us Americans would all have been lead off like sheep to be slaughtered. Not being the aggressor in war is one thing. Jesus, god or anyone else never advised not to fight back when your life and freedom is threatened. That turning the other cheek was a metaphor. It meant to turn the other cheek when insulted. The physical though should be countered with necessary force.
  • You may be mistakenly thinking of the word 'witness' as referring to someone who has literally seen something with their eyes. This was a common mistake when I was growing up, when classmates would tease me about "seeing God." The term 'witness' actually means to 'bear testimony to, or about.' We do believe that we see in the sense of having eyes of understanding about God, His son Jesus, and His kingdom, but that is not the primary reason we are called Jehovah's Witnesses. We witness, bear testimony, that is preach about Jehovah. In 1 Timothy 6:13 and Revelation 1:5, Jesus Christ is referred to as a "witness." He witnessed about his father, whose name is Jehovah.(Psalms 83:18) In Hebrews chapter 11 through chapter 12 verse 1, we read about a 'great cloud of witnesses,' which include such names as Abel, Enoch, Abraham, Noah, Sarah, Moses, and others. They were all witnesses about Jehovah, the God of the Bible. Likewise today, we have taken the Bible based name, Jehovah's Witnesses (Isaiah 43:10) because we are witnesses of Jehovah.
  • All of you who like to condemn but yet aren't living a moral wholesome life need to go choke on your tongue. Alot of false people claimed to be holy this holy that but behind closed doors do alot of sinful things thinking god doesnt know and cant see them. Who are you trying to fool? He keeps an account of the wicked. Jesus says at Matthew 7:21-23 "Not everyone saying to me, Lord, Lord will enter into the kingdom of the heavens, but the one doing the will of my Father who is in the heavens will." "Many will say to me in that day, Lord, Lord did we not prophesy in your name, and expel demons in your name, and perform many wonderful works in your name?" "And yet then I will confess to them: I NEVER knew you GET AWAY from me you workers of LAWLESSNESS." When Jesus was on earth he didnt make the most prestigious pastors his diciples why? Because he knew their false teachings and what they were all about in their hearts, money and power. They dont care about each individual in the congregation lovingly, only maybe underage children and other men and other men's wives. Jesus picked those he knew to be humble, sincere, truthful and deserving of being his follower. Although Judas Iscariot allowed greed to enter his heart and steer him away from the love of the true god. The disciples although imperfect proved to be with Jesus down to the end. They carried out his preaching work preaching to any one everyone they saw. Jesus told others about God and His holy word. Alot of people truly benefited and turned their lives around which makes God's heart Rejoice. Even when Satan tried to get Jesus to serve him Jesus remained faithful to God alone. The question now is where do you stand? Are you living a lie or are you truly trying to live right? Don't knock those who want to live a moral wholesome life because you're so screwed up in your debauchery you couldn't see common sense if it kicked you in the rear end. If more people were trying to do whats right maybe the world wouldn't be filled up with so much violence, suffering, abuse and filfth as it is. Power to those who want a meaningful life before they rot!
  • 1) According to one of them: "As their name shows, Jehovah's Witnesses are Witnesses for Jehovah. Who is Jehovah? Jehovah is the name that Almighty God gives to himself in the pages of the Bible. It is a personal name, not a title like God or Lord. In a general sense, throughout history anyone who witnesses to God's glory could be called a witness of Jehovah. - Exodus 3:13, 15; Isaiah 43:10. Thus, the Bible, when listing a long line of faithful men of old starting with Abel, calls them "so great a cloud of witnesses." (Hebrews 11:4; 12:1) Outstanding individuals, such as Noah, Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, Joseph, Moses, and David, are listed as God's witnesses-witnesses of Jehovah. Jesus Christ is called "the faithful and true witness." - Revelation 3:14." Source and further information: 2) From a trial of a Jehovah's Witness: " "Q. Do you consider necessary for your organization to attack the other religions, in fact, Catholics, Protestants, and Jews? A. Indeed. The reason for that is because the Almighty God commands that error shall be exposed and not persons or nations. Q. You are the only witnesses of the truth? A.Jehovah's Witnesses are the only witnesses to The truth of Almighty God Jehovah... Q. Is the Roman Catholic a true church? A. No. Q. Is it an unclean woman? A. It is pictured in the Bible as a whore, as having illicit relationships with the nations of this world, and history proves that fact, history that all have studied in school. ...If obedience to a law of the state or nation would compel them (the Witnesses) to thereby violate God's law, they will obey God rather than men. Q. Notwithstanding the laws of the country to the contrary? A. Notwithstanding the laws of the country to the contrary." " Source and further information: 3) Here a critical view: "Who are the Jehovah's Witnesses, and why do they refuse blood transfusions?"
  • Jehovah.
  • They say they are witnesses to Jehovah. However what you may not know is that the HQ gave the title of witnesses to Muslims long before the JW church (can I call it that?) was founded. HQ 22:78 says "...that the Messenger (the Prophet Mohammed) may be A WITNESS for you, and ye be WINESSES for mankind! So establish regular Prayer, give regular Charity, and hold fast to God (Jehovah, if you like). He is your Protector - the Best to protect and the Best to help" So that you can see the continuity between the OT and the HQ I reproduce below two paragraphs from bruceytom's very good answer: Isaiah 43:10-12 calls God's faithful servants 'witnesses'. Hebrews 12:1 calls ancient prophets a "great cloud of witnesses' and Revelation 1 calls Jesus the "Faithful and True Witness". He said himself that he came to earth to 'bear witness to the truth'. Therefore, from the time of righteous Abel (Genesis 4; Hebrews 11) those who take God's side in the matter have been Jehovah's witnesses. We testify that he is true and that his rulership over us is just and good.
  • A terribly sad, very large tome, penned by Charles Taze Russell in the 1800's. Most of which the new members are taught to either deny totally, or at the very least to dissassociate themselves from. Mr. Russell was a false prophet much like Joseph Smith, and Ellen G. White. THEY are still claimed by their respective cult followers as far as I know, however, due to far too many errors by Mr. Russell, Jehovah's Witnesses have had to be reinstucted to not follow his teachings any longer. He was very well known for predicting Jesus' return in 1925 I believe. I haven't read about him since the mid 1980's so it's fading from my memory but I DO know that issue is one of the reasons he was disavowed. Another date was set, several times, until I think it was finally determined that "no man knows the year, the day, nor the hour" when Jesus would return. Witnesses are also rabidly taught how to witness, what, when, where, and who to as well. This is especially sad because human nature leads us to believe that our WORKS might be able to save us, and the Leadership encourages this idea, covertly if needed, but it's usually not. Tehy are a misled group of God's children. Please pray FOR the children, and come against the 'religion' for it is false, not the believers. They generally truly DO believe what they witness to. Show them the WORD, rightly divided, such as the deity of Christ (which the Society teaches is NOT true), by telling them, or much better SHOW them, John 1:1. It reads; In the beginning was the WORD (Jesus), and the WORD (Jesus) was with God (Elohim, i.e. Jehovah) and the WORD (Jesus) was wiiith God. IMPORTANT!!! This is NOT how the New World Translation reads. This is a falsely interpreted bible that was done by 4 yes FOUR people. NONE of whom were scholars of Greek or Hebrew or any other Bible language. They came up with THIS false teaching, "In the beginning was the word, the word was with God and the word was A god. This is so obvious in it's deceit it is nearly ridiculous. A very lame attempt to undeify Christ Jesus AND a direct affront and violation of Revelation 22. Woe to anyone who changes even ONE Jot or Tittle of this book... Those translators are in deep trouble because with that single 'a' many thousands have been led astray. Their are many many such 'errors' in TNWT so please, watch and pray for these so called "witnesses" "for they know not what they do" So not only pray, but forgive them if you have been fooled by the society, IT is the true false prophet of the Jehovah's Witnesses. Please note, I love Jehovah's Witnesses, I hate the false teachings they have been, and are being taught. "For many will come in my name" DO NOT BELIEVE them. Love them out of that "system of things"
  • The original-language words translated “witness” provide insight into what it means to be a witness for Jehovah. In the Hebrew Scriptures, the noun rendered “witness” is derived from a verb meaning “return” or “repeat, do again.” Regarding the noun, the Theological Wordbook of the Old Testament says: “A witness is one, who by reiteration, emphatically affirms his testimony. In the Christian Scriptures, the Greek words rendered “witness” (mar′tys) and “bear witness” (mar·ty·re′o) also had a legal connotation, although in time they took on a broader meaning. According to the Theological Dictionary of the New Testament, “the concept of witness [is used] both in the sense of witness to ascertainable facts and also in that of witness to truths, i.e., the making known and confessing of convictions.” So a witness relates facts from direct personal knowledge, or he proclaims views or truths of which he is convinced. The faithful course of first-century Christians carried the meaning of “witness” a step farther. Many of those early Christians witnessed under persecution and in the face of death. (Acts 22:20; Rev. 2:13) As a result, by about the second century C.E., the Greek word for witness (mar′tys, from which is also derived the word “martyr”) acquired the meaning that applied to persons who were willing to “seal the seriousness of their witness or confession by death.” They were not called witnesses because they died; they died because they were loyal witnesses. Jesus is identified as "the faithful witness" (Rev.1:5) because as he did and as did his apostles they made known by their preaching that Christ had come to buy us back from sin and death.(Matt 20:28 & Acts 5:42)Jehovah's witnesses do the same thus obeying Christ's command at Matt 28:19,20 to "go and make disciples of peoples of all the nations" Following Jesus' example we do as Jesus himself said at John 18:37 "For this I have been born, and for this I have come into the world, that I should bear witness to the truth." Jehovah's Witnesses bear witness to the truth they have learned from the Holy Scriptures.
  • same as all who BELIEVE in the Father, Son & Holy Spirit.....God.....we are all supposed to be witnesses for God.....
  • The Watchtower Society's ability to deceive lots of folks, mainly. :-P
  • My guess? = God's will? ;-)
  • Hey, Just to clear this up, i know its an old discussion but i owuld like to clear it up. Jehovahs Witnesses are Witnesses to Gods glory, they are witnesses in the sense they recognie it. The term is not against any other religion as plenty of religions recognse a creator. they just use that as the name. as stated by, i think it was, the Apostle Paul who said "We are his Witnesses". Thats just for people who stumble on here and dont get an answer from this relativley childish and hypocritical arguments.
  • Jehovah, which appears nearly 7000 times in the bible.
  • How silly. The name of the organization says it all.
  • Its a good question...A witness is one who gives information on some subject...In this case it is advising people of WHAT is to come on the human race...according to scripture... And WHY... This present system is coming to an end...and the fact that 2,000 years have passed does not change that... Jesus has been given the his father, Jehovah, to rid the world of wickedness...[Revelation 6:2 ] And Jesus told his disciples ALL OF THEM ] to tell the world's population... Matthew 28: 19,20 To give everyone a chance to comply...because when Armageddon happens, there can be no " sitting on the fence " ... By your actions, you will either be protected or destroyed... Preservation is based on obedience...
  • Many have witnessed me running their butts out of my yard with their false doctrine.
  • jehovah

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