• i think thats all in a matter of opinion, and all russian people are not pretty, no race is in exeption to being ugly.
  • Oh, come on. Out of 124 million people, you are going to find exactly the same distribution of physical attributes as you will find in any country of the same size. In actual fact, you will find many, many more physically beautiful people in Mission Beach, California than in Russia.
  • Ancient Indians called the Russians as Red people. They have a mild red tint over the whiteness of the Europeans. Ancient Indians were aware of all Europeans. People of Caucasus were called Yakshas. Many Hindu temples contain beautiful sculpture of Yakshinis. Kaikeyi, a queen of King Dasaradha, was said to have hailed from Caucasus kindom. The world' largest number of centenarians are found in this region. Ancient Indians believed that their long life span indicates some hidden liveliness in their beauty. Historical records in India describe blue-eyed personal guards of many kings. In recent times, the Nizam of Hyderabad in Andhra Pradesh was said to have maintained a band of such foreign female guards. Further, the Caucasia has produced the best female champions of fencing in recent times.
  • There's no uggo's in Russia?? (Now I want to go watch Scrubs) -- Just follow your heart -- But my heart hates uggo's
  • i will tell u i am very close with russians and yes there are very pretty russians(just like all races) but there is also russians that arent very pretty(also like all the races).
  • I guess it's the cold climate!
  • This question is racist.

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