• Ms. Elizabeth Taylor has been married a total of eight times to seven husbands: * Hotel heir Nicky Hilton (married May 6, 1950-divorced January 29, 1951) * Actor Michael Wilding (married February 21, 1952-divorced January 26, 1957) * Producer Mike Todd (married February 2, 1957-his death March 22, 1958) * Singer Eddie Fisher (married May 12, 1959-divorced March 6, 1964) * Actor Richard Burton (married March 15, 1964-divorced June 26, 1974) * Actor Richard Burton (2nd Marriage) (married October 10, 1975-divorced July 29, 1976) * Senator John Warner (married December 4, 1976-divorced November 7, 1982) * Teamster construction-equipment operator Larry Fortensky (married October 6, 1991-divorced October 31, 1996) [from]
  • Seven, One she married twice.(Richard Burton) The question is---How many husbands have had Liz Taylor?
  • 7 husbands,8 marriages she married Richard Burton twice!
  • married 9 times- 8 husbands
  • this was answered correctly but I wanted to add something. she said in an interview that she married so often because her mom told her, 'if you love the guy, marry him!',,,,,,thus no affairs as so many others have had. I collect autographs & when she was on Broadway in "The Little Foxes; I wrote to her - which I've done often with others - and of course enclosed a self-addressed stamped return envelope. anyway......I asked her to please sign with her middle name, which is Rosemond..........I got the card back and it was signed "Elizabeth Rosemond Taylor Warner' she was married to Senator Warner at the time one last thing; she had it in her contract that all the other actors in the play had to be TALLER and/or slightly heavier than she was, in order for her to appear to be 'petite'.........this at the time she'd gained weight while married to him. just thought I'd pass those little tidbits along!!!! LOL :-D

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