• My husband and I have 4 children from ages 16-2. I can say the worst thing I have ever regretted giving to our children is too much freedom. It has taken us a year to regain the reigns on our children, and it was not easy. In today's society you tend to sometimes want to be friends with your children, but they really need parents, guidance, and discipline more than anything. Knowing how much freedom to give your children sure takes a fine balancing act and a lot of knowledge.
  • A skateboard, lord the scars he has on his knees, elbo's, head ect.
  • A was just so hard to see him cry for it. :-)
  • There were times when I regretted giving our six year old heelies.
  • taking him to JROTC class one day and that day we were learning self-defense with and without weapons. THen went paintballing. Little bro picked up real fast on all that stuff and whomped my butt.
  • lactose intolerance.

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