• A good director is good at details in scene. He or she can sense when the lighting is correct or off. They should have good rapport with the actors and the film crew. I work on set and see directors a lot. I know from experience if there is a lot of turmoil with the film crew the film ,for some reason flops,and if there is good feelings amoung the crew the film is a success.How the audience pick up on this I do not know.
  • Having a real perspective on things. Adding a unique flavor to a movie is important. Also knowing when the actors are giving you the real. raw, footage. Not being desensitized to something you yourself may have watched unfold hundreds of times. Editing- not too much not too lititle.
  • Being able to make decisions-& to do so "on your feet"-that is quickly. See the film Day For Night directed be Francois Truffeau.

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