• Much more alcohol. Grappa can have around 40-55% alcohol, same content as spirits, Wines have between 12-15% alcohol.
  • Going through some of my friends questions I came up on this one. Tani already answered and correctly I might add but felt the need to up-rate both for a job well done. Grappa is a traditional Italian drink, made from the leftover skins and seeds of grapes used for wine. This is called the "Pomacy" or "Pomace". The Pomace is fermented and distilled in its natural state. The result is around 90 proof and clear in color. Grappa is also known by other names. It is called Marc in France, Aguardiente in Spain and Portugal, and in Germany it's known as Tresterschnapps. Grappa Glass The grappa is dry and high in alcohol, with the flavors ranging from floral to earthy. It can have highlights of oak or juniper berries as well. Grappa is typically consumed after dinner. It should be served in a small glass at a cool temperature, 57F or so.

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