• If having the blues & being slightly depresses counts as older, then, yes, cold, cloudy, dark winter days give me the blues. Even if it's very cold, as long as it's bright and sunny, I'm good to go and feel great !! Take away the light and I feel really bad.
  • LOL! Any new season that comes around is REALLY appreciated. I'm just glad I'm still alive and kicking and can enjoy any season be it winer or spring.
  • Absolutely not! I adore winter and the more stormy, rainy, foggy, that it gets the better I like it. I get sick to death of blue sky by September.
  • I love the beach in the summer, it makes me feel younger and more energetic. The winter i the east is like being in a prison of ice and snow: Dreary short days, no place to go and nothing to do that is free. The winter is depressing.
  • kind of especially if i trip in the snow
  • Winter is gloomy
  • Yes and Yes
  • No. I don't feel my age with the seasons. I prefer fall and winter to spring ad summer, but that has nothing to do with my feelings about my age. I've always felt that way.

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