• Yes. Shingles is caused by the same virus that causes chicken pox. It can lay dormant for many years, then reappear during times of great stress, although the frequency of reappearance does vary (Example: My ex-wife had shingles once, has not had an outbreak in 15 years since despite a high-stress lifestyle). Thankfully, there are now treatments for it (the same drugs used to treat chicken pox).
  • I've worked in the nursing proffession for years now and it is VERY rare that u will get shingles only get shingles if u have never had chicken pox!! and the older you are with shingles, the more detrimental to your health it is.
  • Shingles can affect a person twice, but it's rare. Only 1-5% of those who've experienced will get it again.
  • Unfortunatly yes.
  • I had the shingles (facial) some years back, one of the worst periods of my life. I was actually hospitalized for 2 days at the time of the outbreak so they could administer IV anti-virul drugs. They were also very worried about my eye becoming infected. The pain came later, my cousin gave the best description I have ever heard "Its like red hot, electrified worms with barbs on their tails crawling around eating your flesh". When this is going on 24/7 it sure gets old, starts to mess with your psyche. Even after all these years when I am very tired or stressed it acts up. Doesn't hurt nearly as bad as the months immediately after shingles outbreak but it's still very uncomfortable.

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