• Unless this girl is on a team or something like that and all the girls have a curfew then it is inappropriate to give a grown woman a curfew. For team purposes, 12:00 seems reasonable. I am 39.
  • I find it difficult to believe that a curfew would be necessary for a 19 year old. I suppose if you are living in a Dorm. or somebody elses house you have to go by house rules.Although a key would be appropriate and more helpful to most parties to stop anyone waiting up for you. I am early 30s
  • By 19, a person should be on her own and in her own place. But if she's not out of the house yet, she shouldn't have a curfew if she's responsible. She'll come back or call you if something happens.
  • I'm 14. I say you can never trust a teen. They may /seem/ responsible, but that doesn't make them. Maybe it's just good politics... thank you Machevelli. Anyways, I say you keep it maybe... 10? 11?
  • 41 Years old here. At 19, you would be a legal adult, however if you are living with your parents, out of respect, you should follow any reasonable guidelines they set. I know that If I had children, I wouldn't want to wake up at 2AM to the sound of someone coming into my house.
  • 43 here....and I think a reaonable time...1 am. Especially during the week. College, work, things like that make a difference.
  • I don't think you can give a girl of 19 a curfew, she is an adult. And if she comes in at 4.00am I'm sure she will make her way to bed quietly and not disturb you. I managed it. (Well, most of the time anyway. There was the odd occasion after a bit too much to drink when I would try putting my cash-card pin number in for the alarm code and end up waking the whole neighbourhood up.) I'm 23.
  • A 19 year old is an adult and shouldn't have a curfew however, it would be comman courtesy that she let her parents know where and when she can be expected home. Just like a spouse should let their spouse know the same information.
  • Nineteen is too old for a curfew. Just let your parents know that you'll be out all night and not to wait up. If you come home at night, be quiet when entering the house.
  • Today I was told that I have a 11 O'Clock curfew! At my age, we want to be out with our friends having fun and not have to worry about coming home late to curfew. If you trust your daughter, and love her, just ask her to be quite, and to come home at a respectable time...or let you know what is going on. I thought I had a great relationship with my mother and she trusted me, however, that proved differently today. Also if you do have a curfew for her, and she comes home by that time reward her for listening by giving her more time another day, or do a trial with the respectable time limit. As well as, while you are a adult, you go out with out someone standing over you telling you that you have to be in the house at a specific time, you should be responsible to know your plans for the following day and how much sleep you need. I am a 19 year old, responsible female. I work, and go to school, manage to see my friends and boyfriend, and still always be home by whatever curfew is set.
  • I'm 50 and raised two kids, one boy and one girl, and until they left home they had a set of rules to go by. and yes a curfew, at 19 and if she is as responsible as you say she is then during the week which I assume she is working then 12:00-1:00am this should be out of respect for all those in house who have to work any way. nights like weekend and no work then maybe 2:00am and my kids out of respect for me would let me know if their plans changed as in they had said we are going to the club at south side and changed plans and went to the show on beach st. they called. Even today when they are home to visit at age's of 31, 28 they tell me where their heading and what time they plan on coming in, and if their plans change they call or if they get to drinking will call for a ride. My sister and I believe the same way, she is raising hers the same way.
  • I don't recall having any curfews when I was 19... (Then again, I wasn't living at home, then.) A year or two later I was, and I don't recall a curfew then, either. I just came home as quietly as I could. My mom said she almost always knew when I came home, though (She worried, and didn't sleep well until everyone was in the house. I found THAT out later in life.) MANY mornings I didn't come home until around 5AM, when the computer room at college shut down. My kids lived with their mother, and I don't recall them having a curfew, either. Then again, most of the people they hung with came to their house. They DID have to be quiet after 10 or 11, so they wouldn't wake their mom up, though. BTW: I'm 53, now.
  • I am the most irresponsible girl ever. I don't have a curfew, I am 18. (it is 130am but I don't follow it I'll come home at 2am, 3am, 4am, 5am or not at all until the next day) My dad is a cop. I get in trouble all of the time. when I was 16 my curfew was 12am then it was 1230am on weekends, and weeknights it was 10pm. When I was 17 same thing, then it became 1am and 10pm on weeknights during school. Once i graduated high school, my curfew was 130am and I never followed it, i rarely did. my friend is 19 and her curfew is 10pm, it is so stupid. my dad asks me every time i come home before 11 "why are you home so early?" and he thinks it is weird. this girl never gets in trouble she has 2 jobs, and if she does get in trouble it is when she comes home 10 or 15 minutes late. i don't have a job, i go to college.. but i always get in trouble when i go out my parents rarely call me, i never get phone call.. only when or if my mom wants to know if i want dinner saved in the refrigerator. i can leave my house at 11am or earlier, or whenever i wanted and come home at 1am or later and not get one phone call from them, or i don't call them. i used to come home drunk every weekend, my parents never knew because by the time i got home (even if it was like 12am) they would be sleeping. so curfews are dumb. my 21 year old brother doesn't have a curfew either and he is responsible.
  • im a nineteen year old girl and my curfew is ten. my parents are incredibly strict and now i get up at sunrise to leave the house. it sucks because i dont party or drink or anything like that either, i just want to hang out with my friends. and i just finished my freshman year of college, only back for the summer. i cant wait to get out of here - i told my parents i definitely wont ever be returning to live here. the harder you hold on the more you are letting go.
  • I don't think a 19yr old should have one, when i was that age i didn't have one but i always called my parents and let them know where i was and who i was with and a round about time i would be home im 29
  • Age 18 or older is too old for a curfew. The girl just needs to give an estimated time that she'll return and then call if she thinks she'll be late.
  • If she is living at home with parents she should not have a curfew at 19 but should be required to call if she is going to be out past 11pm on week nights and midnight on weekends - just so parents don't report her missing - communication is key here - lets all be adults including the 19 year old living with parents
  • you`re an adult. unless your parents pay for your food clothes transportation etc. then you can do as u like. if you are still depending on them at 19, cest la vie.24
  • Curfews help protect girls, no matter how responsible she is her company or others around her may not be. I'd say 1 am on weekends is late enough.
  • She shouldn't have one. I'm 17, I don't have one. I'll text if I'm going to be later then I said, or if I'm staying with someone else or that.
  • None, I'm 19.
  • I'm 19 and I still have to be home before dark. I think curfews are silly. Ideally, though, I think that it's respectful to be home at least before my whole family is gone to bed.
  • Im 40 and the mother of 2 For a responsable 19 year old a good cerfew is midnight on a weekend and 10:30 on a weeknight. That is really enought time to not get into trouble but still have some fun! In my experience of being a girl that never had one... All the good/bad stuff starts after those times.
  • i would say 1 am on weekends and 11pm on weeknights. i am 23~!
  • Well, that depends. I went to college at 11 and started my first real job at 16. My parents didn't have a curfew for me, but I didn't really have any social life, either. By the time I was 19, though, I was pretty irresponsible (much moreso than when I was 16), in some ways, it's been downhill from there. But if you have classes in the morning or if you work, then you need to make sure you leave yourself enough time to get a healthy amount of sleep and finish your homework. If you are 19 and aren't furthering your education nor working, then you probably aren't nearly as responsible as you think you are. [I'm 39]

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