• As far as legally available handguns in the United States, it is the S&W .500. Check out the video below to see what happens when a newbie tries shooting one:
  • The largest handgun in the world is the Piefer Zeliska. 13 pounds 16 grand to buy and 40 bucks per bullet. It fires .600 nitro express, a cartridge of elephant guns. ITs made by Piefer an austrian company. The S.W 500 is the largest and most powerfull commision handgun in the world but the Zeliska is the most powerfull over all. However there is also a single shot handgun that aolso fires .600 nitro which might put either the Zeliska into second or the '500 in third.
  • This lady looks quite happy with her .50 cal BMG revolver. Imagine walking around with a pair of these holstered on your hip. :-D
  • The largest caliber handgun was a late 19th Century Alex Henry howdah pistol in .75" caliber. It is double-barreled. 4 barrel ones were made in .577 caliber. There were some British .577 revolvers as well. Some wheelock horse pistols were .70" caliber. Now, there is a handgun in .600 Nitro Express. Linebaugh made a .500 Magnum revolver in 1986. A past boyfriend owned one. It kicked about three times as much as his .44 Magnum S&W revolvers. Now, Smith & Wesson makes a .500 revolver.
    • Pei Chia-Li
      Wow, you really know guns!

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