• I can't tell you how much more you will grow. However since you are male you probably will continue growing for quite some time.
  • Depends on your genes. Overall, I think boys to certain limit stop growing (the age 18 or 20 I think)& girls start to get taller at that.
  • i heard you will be double the height you were when you were 2.
  • If you hit puberty at an early age (like I did) then you may stop growing shortly. If you hit puberty at around 12-13, then you will grow for some time to come.
  • My young friend! Firstly - Do not worry yourself over such matters. The answer to you inquirey - is a simple X-ray of your wrist;(inclusive of the Ulnar & Radius) also by the study and research of a qualified radiologist/technition. As the calcium (bones) in your body mature; so does the density of the calcium deposits. As Hopefully and healthfully you grow into your declining years; you may find that your bones loose their youthful resiliance. (They may become brittle and this cartilage loses it's elasticity) You may even know of an older-senior-person in your community that is now sporting a hunched spinal collum. If you are to grow more; which I suspect you will. You will continue to grow until hormone levels released from your petuitary gland (in your inquisitive brain) taper off to almost no-existant secretion levels. The contradiction to this natural phenominon are persons similary aflicted - "Andre the Giant" Sadly; his secretions never ceased to produce growth hormones. The real stuff to cling to is - LOOK at your relatives. These kind of genetic coding questions bear the fruit of wisdom as you study those who are your family. Are they medium; are they fit; are they healthy; are they well suited to advise you in matters that you may have questions? Try "wikipedia"
  • I was tiny at 15, the shortest person but one in the my entire year at school. My parents were concerned about my health because I was so short, but when I was 18 I shot up to 6 feet. Unfortunately I can't predict how tall you will become.
  • If you are a girl, you may grow another inch or so, if you are a boy, you could grow a lot more between now and your 18th birthday. It depends a lot on how tall your parents and grandparents are.
  • guys can grow into their early 20s, you have A LOT of time to grow. if you really want to know how tall you will be you can go to the dr and get your growth plates measured. they can come up with a pretty accurate estimated of how tall you will be.
  • i think that you will grow a little taller, but considering that u r 6' tall you probably wont get much taller. HA! ElSoupy i answered his question and i am a girl thank you very much.
  • u will not get much taller i dont even know please dont be mad at me my stupid computer wont allow me to comment why did u ask me that question? and then say that to me?
  • hello?
  • What a stupid question how in the world do you expect anyone to tell you how tall you'll get? You don't even say how tall you are now.
  • how tall is your mom and dad?your height will usually end up being somewhere in the middle of theirs by the time you are 19. and then you will grow ever-so-slightly taller than both of them by the time you are 21. example..if your mom is 5'6" and your dad is 6"1, you will be 5'9" by the time you are 19. and then you will continue to grow to be about 5'11-6'2" by the time you turn 21.

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