• No, I don't -- if we ever met one of those guys, and taught them how to speak English, they will probably be able to tell us how they invented life. But I don't think they are gods. It used to be that the rich and the powerful were considered gods by the conquered. But the conquerors weren't really gods -- so I think we'll find that aliens aren't gods either.
  • No. If aliens exist the were created in the same accidental way as us.. but hopefully they will worship us!!
  • I'm going to give this question a serious answer! If, and this is a huge if, If aliens looked like the media portrays them (little skinny grey men with big black eyes) then they must be related to us somehow. It would be too huge of a coincidence for them to look that much like us and have evolved completely separately. So then either: 1.) They guided the evolution of life on this planet, using their own planet's lifeforms as the basic template. This makes little sense, since we know too much about evolution for this. It would be odd for them to have tried to duplicate the natural process rather then just engineering us from scratch. 2.) They are humans from the future. Also not too likely, because if time travel were possible, I'm sure they would be smart enough to know how important it is for their own survival to not change anything and remain undetected. Since people have claimed to see them, so much for that. 3.) They evolved here, on Earth, before we did, developed an advanced technology, traveled to other planets, and their cities on Earth were destroyed in a pole shift or ice age. Think the Ancients from Stargate. Now this one just might be a possibility. :) The lack of fossil evidence could easily be explained because this species was isolated- they developed their cities on one continent, the one continent we have not explored- Antarctica.
    • Venus1485
      ETs can't even come here, so none could've ever possibly been here to d anything.
  • I think if aliens really do exist, then there's a good chance they are part of the reason that WE exist.
    • Sandra Ursula
  • No. If aliens exist, then I think they are just that. Aliens.
  • No, they are merely other kinds of mortals and even if they are more advanced than we are, that in no way makes them our equals or superiors, feeble humans that we just are.
  • If you belive in the theory of cosmic panspermia then that would follow exactly. I'm sure there is life elsewhere on this universe but personally I don't believe they have anything to do with life here on earth.
  • It is quite possible, the possibilites are limitless if we look beyond conventional religion. I am with you... I have been told the truth, but they erased it from my memories...
    • Venus1485
      No, it is impossible. Possibilities have limits.
  • No I do not think they are Gods just dirffrent life forms.
  • I don't believe in Aliens, but there is a whole cult that believes in the "12th Planet" and the people there called The Annunaki, that came to Earth and mated with Neanderthals to create humans. They later came back to visit Earth and created a hologramic Jesus, called The Holographic Christ.
    • OC Joe
      I find the cult of Christianity has far less credibility but don't normally call Christianity a "cult". That would be divisive and insulting..
  • We are aliens to them and we are not their Gods.Im sure there is a Universal feeling of love that can be respected by them and us together.To me,that is God.
  • We are their 'science project'.
  • No. More like "alter egos"? ;-)
  • It's well known in our (Nubian) history that we have a deep connection with the "Nommos" of the "Sirius Star System". Check out the Dogon Mystery on youtube! The rise of Atlantean/Nubian knowledge is rising for the New Golden Age of Aquarius. Even the Pope where's a paper tiara shaped like a fish head in respect of the Nommos! Check it otu ya'll! Osara
  • i think its possible that they came here and are the "avatars" of most 5000-3000 y.a. religions for example, maybe they came and preached their god to the hindus, and other aliens came and preached the word of THEIR lord jesus christ. just a possibility.
  • naa, they would probaly worship one though maybe our god if we're lucky
  • Not a chance.
  • I think it is possible. The Vatican has made an official statement that it is "ok" to believe in Aliens. Makes ya wonder don't it?!
  • This is NOT the FIRST time that question has been ask and NOT on A/B .... The Phalien religion definately believes it and much of their theory can't be disputed ... +5
  • There have been heiroglyphics (prehistoric) found all over the world depicting poss. ufos and funny looking "people" so I'm sure they had a hand in our world. They may have been looked at as gods, but something definitely existed and I don't think it was an old guy with a white beard.
    • ReiSan
      That is not true.. You have watched "Ancient Aliens" too much.
  • NO !!. I know who my maker and creator is and that is God in heaven .not tiny green men from mars.
    • ReiSan
      Izanami and Izanagi are the creators.
    • OC Joe
      Ancient civilizations were able to cut stones weighing up to 30+ tons to very exact measurements then arrange them together with extreme precision. That indicates that SOMETHING took place way more advanced than anything we can do today and they had no steel, no wheel, and no technology. An answer than may seem impossible is that it was done by or with the help of aliens but, considering the alternatives, that IS the most feasible explanation. Most people who think aliens made that sort of thing happen virtually always pose it as the most likely possibility but stop short of being positive. Christians, on the other hand, are so invested in their own theory (albeit full of contradictions) that many will not even allow the discussion of anything else.
    • Pei Chia-Li
      Arguments From Ignorance include "I do not know, so gods did it!" and "I do not know, so ETs did it!" Both are illogical OCJoe is mindlessly repeating such nonsense from "Ancient Aliens". He underestimates humans as a result.
  • No, interstellar travel has been soundly refuted by some leading scientists. No aliens from other planets can ever come here. The TV series "Ancient Aliens" is based upon a crude hoax that was refuted thoroughly in the early 1970s.
    • OC Joe
      The problem is that ancient civilizations cutting 30+ ton stones to precise dimensions and placing them together more accurately that we can today is also "impossible". But it was done thousands of times all over the world. And how was ancient pyramid architecture identical in Cambodia and Guatemala based on our current understanding. If we didn't know for a fact those things were true today, claims of their existence would be soundly refuted because "it is not possible".
    • Pei Chia-Li
      It is ignorant to claim ancients could do better than modern workers. This just repeating Eric von Dankien's Argument From Ignorance, i.e. "I do not know, so ETs did it"! Scholars have explainmed all of this, so ETs are not needed to explain aaaaaanything. ETs cannot come her, if the exist.
  • How many ?
  • No, I don't, aliens are probably same as us, looking for their maker.
  • no, i dont think so
  • Yes there are other lifeforms in the universe. The universe is too big and life exists throughout it, so it would be irrational to think there isn't. However you will probably never meet one, because to have the technology to travel faster than the speed of light, would take say 100,000 years into our future, So even travelling faster than the speed of light, by the time it takes to evolve from our technological to that to that level, they would be too far away to ever travel here. The universe is expansion is accelerating incredibly fast so no visits likely. Have a look at this. But this explanation will not stop people seeing things, because they also see ghost, visions and mermaids!! Gods also no, but that's another story.
    • ReiSan
      A vast universe does not mean life exists all over it. That is irrational. Matter can never travel very near the speed of light, let alone much faster than light.
    • kaetalist
      ReiSan, it is actually irrational to think there isn't life everywhere, because the universe formed from the same origin. So if life exists here, it will surely exist throughout the universe. Your knowledge is only bound by the laws of physics, if you believe physics correctly measures reality. Unfortunately it doesn't, it just measures a few things it can measure. In the universe 1 + 1 isn't 2, we just made it up for our own convenience. There is a way to go faster than the speed of light. But you have to understand what came before the Big Bang to understand that. As science only works where it can measure, it could not measure what was there before the Big Bang, because to science it is unmeasurable. However just because science cannot measure it, it does not mean that there was nothing there. The clue is in the Laws of Conservation of energy and the why the universe is accelerating. There is always something before. How else could matter exist otherwise? I know there are two absolute explanations for what came before the Big Bang and one reason for being able to travel faster than light, comment here when you have discovered them. I hope your not a "Flat-Earther" and just give up.
    • Venus1485
      Only light can travel at the speed of light. At the speed of light, matter's inertial mass and time intervals become infinite and its length in direction of travel and time passage become zero. Infinite mass cannot be accelerated. There isn't enough energy in the entire unviverse for tat. Becoming infinitely flat and having tour other 2 dimensions become infinite would surely kill you. You deny Physics amd Mathematics, so you only speak of fantasy. What came before the Big Bang? Some scientists say there might be cycles of Big Bangs and Big Crunches. Anyhow, what came before the Big Band doesn't make faster than light travel possible. You sound like a Flat Earther. You don't comprehend Physics and Mathematics but only utter tales of fantasy.
    • kaetalist
      Light does travel at the speed of light in our universe. But if before the Big Bang the universe was generated by the transformation of non-existence into existence and the universe is accelerating because this process is still occurring, then with the correct containment from the infinite energy generated by bringing the two together, you can then wrap normal matter in non-matter to travel faster than the speed of light. This is because you are no longer are bound by the physical laws within our universe. I absolutely comprehend physics, no fantasy here. But of course this would be very difficult and well outside of our current technology, probably for generations. But it was said here first. So please quote this reference if discussed elsewhere.
    • Venus1485
      You only speak of wild fantasy. You prefer fantasy to physics. Magical thinking is illogical. Technology can never perform impossible chores. Why should I wish to quote such fantasy anywhere?
    • kaetalist
      Fire was magic to cavemen, flight was impossible for philosophers, thinking is unfathomable to psychologists, because only imagination leads to evolution. Anyone with integrity quotes their sources, but I don't think you will be quoting this to anyone, because answers are only answers to those who understand the question.
    • Sandra Ursula
      I'm no expert, but I know matter can't possibly travel near the sped of light, let alone faster than light. Mass, length, time passage and time intervals become imaginary at speeds greater than light's. Mass in finite at the speed of light, and at greater speed, it'd have to be greater than infinity. Length is zero at the speed of light and must be less than zero at speeds greater than light. Those are impossibilities. Using bad analogies is a poor argument. What a rant kaetalist makes. Read about the Theory of relatgivity.
  • First up, nobody know if space aliens exist or not. There's no evidence either way. If any do exist, they can't come here. Gods have the personalities of the humans who invented them. That shows they aren't from other planets.
  • No they are demons.
    • Jenny Rizzo is brilliant ⭐
      Very wise answer.
  • I determine who my God is (Joshua 24:15).
  • No. Don't be silly.
  • There is substantial evidence that continues to come in indicating that aliens absolutely exist. Are they Gods? No but many stories in the Bible that describe angels arriving on earth describe alien space ships landing in detail. The people who witnessed these events described them as best they could with the only terminology they knew. Things like giant silver chariots landing with great fire, smoke, and noise described the arrival of those "angels and Gods". Nobody can say for certain if those events ever actually took place and if so, who those creatures were. The detailed descriptions of strange craft landing sound exactly like the landing of space ships. But believing that angels and gods arrived in these strange crafts seems far less rational or believable than aliens.
    • Sandra Ursula
      Nobel Prize winner in Physics Edward M. Purcell wrote, "Interstellar travel is preposterous". ETs can't come here. Religious books are just wild fiction with no basis in reality. I haven't heard of any real evidence that ETs do or don't exist.
  • No your God exists within yourself as you.
  • First, the gods and goddesses are human beings with authority on Earth to make decisions. Jesus actually called people gods. John 10:34 "Jesus answered them, Is it not written in your law, I said, Ye are gods?" Second, if you saw aliens, the Bible describes them as "fallen angels." Revelation 12:9 "And the great dragon was thrown down, that ancient serpent, who is called the devil and Satan, the deceiver of the whole world-he was thrown down to the Earth, [and his angels were thrown down with him]."
  • Aliens are people from other nations. Nobody believes they're gods. ET aliens can't come here, because interstellar travel is preposterous, as some leading scientists have shown. Gods have the personalities of the people who invented them, so they're clearly human inventions.
  • Gods were obviously invented by humans. Each set of them has the personality of the humans who invented them. Aliens exist. I am an alien in all nations besides the USA and Japan. There is no genuine evidence whether aliens on other planets exist or not. If they do exist, they are confined to their own star systems. Interstellar travel is not feasible. The distances involved are mush too great to be overcome in acceptable time periods. One of my past lovers calculated that mankind's fastest rockets would require 78,000 years to reach the nearest extra-solar planet. Matter can never travel even near the speed of light. Also, fuel demands involved are impossible to meet. An infinite fuel supply will always be impossible. Some people mindlessly believe the TV series "Ancient Aliens" that is based upon a crude hoax that was soundly-refuted about 45 years ago.
  • I have seen many illegal aliens, mostly from Mexico, but some from France and England. The only aliens on Earth are people from other nations. ET type aliens cannot ever come here. This stuff about ETs being gods is just a silly hoax promoted by the Horsecrap Channel.
  • Yes, if you read the Old Testament God is very human-like and he also insists on having slaves. He was clearely invented out of human characteristics. Not unlike an alien from another planet.
  • Well...technically speaking, God and the angels are ETs. They aren't from Earth, after all. But: I don't think that God or the angels are NATURAL ETs. They are supernatural beings.
  • If they were our gods they'd probably already be in contact with us. They probably aren't.
  • I think it's possible some aliens visited Earth as a goof, and that's where some of the stories of gods and goddesses come from.
  • There are some books from a few decades back that suggest that. The gods of air and darkness and the chariots of the gods are a couple of them you might enjoy reading.
  • probably .....

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