• during summer its better probably to run something a bit heavier, like 15w50 (synthetic is definitely better) My suggestion: Mobile 1 15w50 synthetic A little more expensive but worth it.
  • Always stick with the manufacturer's recommended oil viscosities. They spend millions of dollars developing vehicles and that involves testing the engines with every level of oil known to man. They test them all and then choose one based on its performance in the engine. Your engine is made for 5w30 and can handle 10w30 no problem. Do not use a thicker oil. There is no reason to. It could be harmful to your engine as it is harder to move around in the block. There is no reason for you to use a thicker oil in your car. Use 5w30 for best results in your engine. It will be easiest for your engine to move around and will provide the best performance & fuel economy. 10w30 is cheaper but will still do the same thing - it's just thicker in the winter. (remember that both have 30 viscosity in the summer - 5w30 is lighter in the winter and 10w30 is a bit thicker in the winter. Since you live in Florida you don't really have to worry about cold weather too often.) Hope this helps, Good luck
  • I have a 1998 Cavalier with the 2.2 OHV engine. I bought the car brand new in June 1998. Except for a very few times, the car has always used 5W30 oil. the engine now was 255,000 miles on it without any oil consumption problems at all. At 75 mph, the engine uses about 1/2 quart of oil per 3000 miles. The only thing ever done in the way of a rebuild was a new timing chain, sprockets and tensioner at 229,000 miles. Not because of noise or wear, but simply as preventive maintenance. My advice is, unless you are having serious oil consumption problems, use a quality 5W30 oil/filter and change it at 3000 mile intervals.

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