• I'd say the closest thing to that would be Satanism. Correct me if I'm wrong, though.
  • In a way, we do. We beleive that bucking the system is genius and imagination.
  • There are certain branches of Satanism that believe this, especially the Luciferians. The truth is that Satan is right, he is God. The God of the bible is not a God at all, but a false god created by the Jews to keep the Gentiles weak and without their true Creator. Lucifer/Satan (meaning enemy in Hebrew) was blasphemied and given a bad reputation to scare the Gentiles into worshipping a false god, accepting his existence without any proof (just have faith), while the Gentiles did nothing to improve their spirituality. This weakened state of life was the outcome which makes for a perfect slave like mentality, especially when you give them Jesus, the perfect suffering role model. The Jews know that Jesus is a spoof. Only the weak Jews are foolish enough to believe in Jesus.
  • Satan is another form of ego or desire. When we loose our grasp on desire we become closer to the Divine aspect in ourselves. Your example is child's play. Lose the hold on the desires of the material world and you will become closer to the spiritual world. Thinking God is evil does not make it so, it makes you deranged.
  • Freemasonry. Most do not know this until they are 33rd degree and are deemed worthy of knowing. Albert Pike, in his book Morals and Dogma states so. Pike was the head of the Scottish rite of Freemasonry.

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