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  • Thankfully not. I do feel envy at times, but not jealousy to the point of illness.
  • No, not at all. Although I often feel sick after eating red meat and swine.
  • Not to the point of feeling actually sick. I've been jealous in the past, but not THAT jealous.
  • Jealousy Can Be Spawned By Many Things i.e if a partner leaves you then you might think someone else is involved or what not and become jealous. I speak from what im experiencing now id class as sick with jealousy i got to the point where i cut all my knuckles at work by accident and couldnt even feel it. I Think its more the rage im feeling and the odd burst of hormones mixed with adrenalin tho. Those kind of things make you feel sick.
  • i have been jealous but not to the point of being sick...
  • No. It's one of the few emotions I don't have to deal with. I have some issues with being worthy of things, so I never begrudge others what they have.
  • Honestly yes...just split up with my boyfriend of 2 years and i feel sick when i think what hes doing and who with!!!!!!!!!
  • not for about 30 years
  • no never have been 'jealous'...hate it !...seen the total damage done by this pox on humanity and the people who let it rule their lives
  • I haven't come across anything that inspired me to feel that way.
  • Yes I have. :( Most times I was given reason and was proven right.
  • Yes actually sometimes make myself sick with jealousy. Its all to do with my boyfreind. And if he tells me he was emailing a girl or whatever its like I instantly am jealous and then extremely anxious like on the verge of a panic attack becuase I keep thinking all these stupid thoughts . But these are obviuosly my insecurities coming out and me feeling threatened and all that. Well I know I am going in the right direction because now I am trying to recognize what triggers me to act like that and you just have to start doing something productive do some special breathing to calm yourself down and just let it go. TAke some time to really work on yourself and be honest with your self why you feel that way!
  • The thing about jealousy is that you envy what somebody else has... stop thinking about those other people -- start fresh, and get what you want.
  • Yeah absolutley: I recently introduced one of my best friends to another one of my friends a few weeks ago thinking that it would be cool to hang out the three of us. I then became the third wheel and the two became best friends, are living together, and don't care to include me in their activities. Yes, I became sick with jealousy.
  • I have felt sick with jealousy. What did it achieve? Nothing other than hurt, pain, frustration, confusion, etc..
  • Jealousy is a sign of insecurity. Feeling sick with it is a sign of a more serious problem; seek professional help.
  • YEs unfortunately I get extremely jelous to the point that turns into anger and then I am starting to verbaly attack object of my jelousy:-(.This jelousy is only present in relationship because I am constantly afraid that my partner is going to do something behind my back that will hurt me ( like flirting with other girls or similar ) I even get upset when I just think about it,this state of mind is killing me inside and its definately very destructive,I want to change it but i dont know how:-(
  • Pissed, hurt and betrayed...yes. ive been faithful toevery man ive ever been with, dont kwo why it so hard for some of them to do the same

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