• Walking in the front door. I was subjected to military dentists as a child.
  • When they hand me the bill..that is the only thing I fear. I like going to the dentist.
  • Teeth cleaning, I hate it because of the crusty polish stuff I have the fear of it getting on my tongue and swallowing it and throwing up. I hate the taste it doesn't matter what flavor they use and the texture makes me cringe. I rather get a filling then my teeth cleaned any day!
  • Fillings. I hate 'em and have had to have several. My lower jaw is almost completely immune to their aneasthetic, so the drilling is excrutiatingly painful...
  • Drilling. The last time I had to have a tooth drilled to replace a filling that fell out, the pain was incredible. The arm rests on the chair have a permanent impression of my hands gripping them. I'd rather let my teeth fall out than go through that again.
  • Walking through the door ! I have to do it every day as i'm their postman so i hear those drills through the open windows every day and it does not put me in any mood for a return visit.
  • The drill!!

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