• This will depend upon local laws. You can get a specific answer by calling the local attorney general's office, or the office of your state political representative. Generally speaking, gambling is a high risk activity, and for the State to get away with selling lottery tickets, it has to restrict its customers to victims who are supposed to know better. Unfortunately, few if any of the "adults" who play the lottery ever bother to look at the odds. Some of the "scratch" or "instant win" lottery tickets are especially deceptive and risky. These tickets usually prominantly display three levels of large cash prizes possible. What people are never told is that these tickets continue to be sold long after the big prizes have already been won. The state (and the wonderful lawyers who keep it in power) defend this crap by saying "well, you are an adult, it is up to you".
  • Minors, by law, are forbidden to gamble in all the states. its the same as alcohol, cigarettes and entrance to night clubs. maturity probably plays a major part, in limiting the vices, from children under age l8.
  • They are allowed in England. You have to be 16+ to play the lottery.
  • Because society knows it is a scam and chooses not to take advantage of people who have not yet learned to recognize scams and cannot afford to be taken advantage of. Once you are older, you can throw all the money down the toilet that your heart desires.
  • Happiness.

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