• Not a teen child. We lost our first baby at birth. I watched my uncle go through losing his 13 year old son, though. The boy stepped out from behind a stationary school bus and was struck by a moving one. I don't think my uncle ever recovered fully. I cannot understand exactly your pain, but I can say that those who have not lost a child at all just cannot comprehend the pain and emptiness that comes with losing a child. I feel it would be worse for you as you had ten or fifteen years of memories and life with that child... we only had an hour with ours. I am truly sorry for your loss.
  • Just too tough to imagine...
  • I didn't lose her but I came close. When she was 17, she began experiencing headaches, vomiting, blurred vision and dizziness. When the GPs weren't coming up with solutions, I called an ambulance. Within an hour, she was diagnosed with a brain tumour. It was the size of a woman's palm, and was joined to the cerebellum. they had to move the operation up because she was starting to fade. They got it out, thank God, but she still has residual problems (headaches due to cut nerves, enough loss of coordination to worry her, loss of concentration, and a big loss of confidence that I wonder if we will ever get back.)
  • so sorry for your loss, I have no idea the pain a parent must feel.
  • so sorry for your loss, I have no idea the pain a parent must feel.
  • ok im not a parent. but i have experienced losing one of my best friends who was in a very bad car accident in october of 2005. i know that losing a friend isnt like losing a child, but when you are close to a friend. its hard to deal with sometimes. :(
  • My 14 yr old son disappeared on Nov 28th, 2006. Because of supposed sightings, we thought he had run away & refused to contact us though not even his close friends had any contact with him. His body was found March 30th 2007 in a stream outside of town where he had been all along. He had been going to his girlfriends house & taken the wrong road at night with a dangerous bridge ( no railing)& apparently fell off & drowned. We have been devastated by his death & now his sister whom he was extremely close to is rebellious,at times threatens suicide & is on a self destructive path & we don't know how to stop her. Update: March 2008 Things have settled down & we are all doing well. Our daughter is back to her old self again, cheerful, healthy & well-balanced. We are now expecting our first grandchild this summer.
  • In 1981, I lost a 16 y.o. daughter and a 17 y.o. son. Last month, 7-14-07, I lost my 44 y.o. daughter. All 3 were vehicle accidents. It doesn't get any easier, just because you've had the experience before, but you have the comfort of knowing how much God will help you if you just call on Him and allow Him to work His will in you. The pain is still the most horrid pain in the world, and it is still very difficult when out in public, and something/someone brings my daughter to mind....very difficult to keep from breaking down and blubbering like a baby. But I know God is with me, and I know He is helping me cope. Without His help, I firmly believe I would be headed for a mental institution. I still have 3 sons, and I pray to God that I will outlive them!! But if I don't.....I will again depend on God's help to see me through my pain and grief. Even though I've 'lost' those 3, I know they are still close to me.....perhaps even closer now than they were when they walked this earth.
  • Mine is a very different story from yours. I havent lost my daughter in the physical sense but emotionally. By the time she was 15 she was experimenting with drugs, liquor etc A very rebellious teenager. Four years later and she is still at it. I have tried everything! The pain I felt, still am feeling is very strong. It affected the whole family very badly! We arent on speaking terms. Every night I walk past her bedroom, her bed is empty, I feel as if a huge part of me is lost forever! Numerous times, my darkest moments, I have said to my sister that I have lost my child and she says that its nonsense. Even though we dont live together, I havent lost her. Then tell me, WHY DOES IT STILL HURT SO MUCH? I feel for you.
  • I havent but I know people who have. A friend of mine lost their 16 year old son in a drunk driving accident.
  • I have not lost a child, but my parents have. My sister was killed in a drunk driving accident when she was 17. I was 15 at the time. This happened more than 20 years ago. My parents have never and will never be the same. The pain they experienced is devastating. Although they say time heals all pain, I find it doesn't. It makes it different, but it never goes away. We still talk about her and can cry at the drop of a hat from a song or a memory. I lost my sister, but I can't imagine the amount of pain had it been my own child. My parents strength and courage have amazed me. It is something no parent should have to face.
  • Yes my 13 y/o daughter died after open heart surgery in December 1981. I still feel the loss.
  • Today March 22th, is an awful day for my husband and me, it is another year of our 14 year old son's passing. This year he would have been 38 y.o. He was a very delicate child, born with a terrible heart condition and little hope for recovery, our lives were hanging from a thread for many years always expecting the outcome with horror. He was successfully operated and lived 7 years of a healthy and happy life. He was run over by a drunk driver on the side walk and in front of me. I will never forget that day as it was the most painful one in my life. The drunk driver was a 19 year old British boy, he was held by the Italian police, went to trial but I could not bring myself to properly accuse him for his irresponsible and criminal act, his parents where there & so much pain was drawn in that mother's face that I felt for her over my overwhelming pain. I can hardly forget it nor will I ever forget any of it. We did not accuse him as severely as we could have, we let the laws be imposed. This lady writes to us once a year and has done so for the past 24 years, it is extremely difficult to read her letters. Her son has not done well and has been having severe problems, as I can see and feel those parents have also lost a son. The last time we were home we tried to see this boy but could not bring ourselves to it. We don't make any arrangements any more, we have a mass said in his name, I fill up the alter with white flowers and we are a silent and dreadfully painful couple. I know it will take a few days to get a little better, never the less the pain will never go away. I only wish parents would never have to go through such a situation, it is "contra natura", against nature, as our children are to out live us. I am sorry I can not say more for today. Regards.
  • Yes, I lost my 17 year old son in a tragic car accident August 29, 2007. It is still difficult to keep going on with the normal things of life, but I do know that by doing so, I am doing what Kenan would have wanted me to do. Connect with parents who have lost a child, talk with your pastor, seek out a counselor, talk with your close friends--it all helps sort out the myriad of emotions one feels when losing a child. The pain may never go away, but you learn to deal with it and move on. My prayers will be with you, and I hope things go well for you---In God's name be praised!! From someone who truly understands.
  • On July 7, 2008 we lost our son's 16 year old girlfriend to a car accident. Tomorrow is 4 months, it is still so painful, the grief is enormous as I loved that girl as my own. My son speaks of his regrets, it tears my heart out. I cannot imagine how her parents are coping, she was their only child. We just miss her so much, and what I have learned from this is to love your children well, keep them as safe as you can and ALWAYS, no matter what, hug them often and tell them you love them every single day.
  • Yes ,I lost my beautiful 15 year old daughter just 5 weeks ago. Her 16th birthday was on Dec.19, she died on the 8th. It is very fresh in my mind and I am still in shock. I miss her terribly and feel i cant move on until i have some truth. I do believe she is with God but its still so hard...
  • I lost my seventeen yr old son on june 14 2009 and Im neeed coping skills maybe some understanding of why the Lord had to take my baby away when he never had a chance to become an adult e
  • I lost my oldest brother when I was 15. Watching my parents, it appears that the grief fades over time, but never fully goes away. Each year is a little better until you hit what would have been a milestone. (20th, 30th b-day, etc..) The holidays were rough for the first couple of years, but we made new traditions and the fact that they had three children total probably helped them a lot also..

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