• If by inside you mean inside Al Queda then yes I do.
  • I have no proof so how can I answer that -- Though it is scary
  • No. I can tolerate a few ambiguities without jumping into the conspiracy theorists' camp. Some folks in their anger and confusion simply enjoy the prospects of "hidden secrets" and government conspiracies. If it were an inside job, one plane directed to a national target would be sufficient rationale for any retaliatory motives. Attempting 4 strikes would be "overkill" and unnecessary.
  • it was an out side job
  • If, by your question, you mean did a bunch of misguided religious extremists from the Middle East get together and launch an attack against innocent US civilians, then yes.
  • No, we all saw the planes strike the outside of the Twin Towers.
  • A ridiculous question!
  • if it was an outside job then the amount of failures happened on that terrible morning of nearly 6 years ago was so enormous that it would have been easier to get the winning ticket at a lottery.
  • of course it was ...only pea brained idiots believe a couple of men sitting somewhere in a cave could have put together a plan that worked as well as it did.....
  • Hmm, good question. . . So, let me get this straight, TWO planes hit (count 'em) TWO towers, on the same day, within moments of each other, and BOTH fall STRAIGHT DOWN. Before 911, you would need demolishion experts to accomplish this. Since 911, "Nah, just wreck a couple of jumbo jets into 'em." Not saying I know, or can even really speculate as to the whom is guilty, but. . . I know this won't be a popular answer (oh well), but, Hmm, just sounds a bit fishy. Think about it. . .
    • mushroom
      When you say they fell straight down, take that with a grain of salt. The amount of damage to other buildings was significant, even 250m distant. Now, this was probably an old reply, but a few years after the towers fell, an electric spark started a fire which consumed the Windsor tower in Madrid, February 2005, a good portion of which collapsed -- you guessed it -- "straight down."
  • I think so. So many questions remain unanswered, like how come no jets were scrambled, the population in the towers was much less as many were ordered to take a days leave, how come Bin Ladens friends got visas into the US weeks before and nothing was done. I could well be the US needed a justification to go to war in Afghanistan and Iraq to secure the uranium and oil supplies that they want to control.
  • .........................yes
  • i don't think it was initiated or planned by the US but i do believe that we had enough knowledge of it in plenty of time to stop it, but didn't. so my answer is "yes and no."
  • No. It's so ridiculous anyone that would buy into it has a very serious mental problem. It's such a stupid, ignorant, moronic load of crap that it just amazes me that it has taken hold. It is quite disrespectful to the people who died that day. It sickens me that some wackjob America-haters have pushed this load of bull crap and some people have actually bought into it. God help us.
  • The US is very good at being secretive, so we'll probably never know. But I wouldn't be surprised, considering that the Pentagon practically invented 'Al Qaeda' by paying people to tell them what they want to hear.
  • Both..
  • bush administration
  • Terrorists of course. The U.S government has better ways to screw us.
    • mushroom
      To put it another way, do you really believe thousands of Gub'mint employees could be involved in the cover up and nobody speaks to the press with actual proof? If you had the facts, that's a billion dollar (in news, books, film rights) story!
  • everything is a conspirosy....;)
  • It was defiantly terrorism. But the US government did know something was coming and I believe they have covered up way more than we know about.
  • Sometimes things are just as simple as they look. Sometimes theres just no need to complicate things with conspiracy theories and the like. I'm pretty well convinced it was a terrorist attack and just that. It's really not that complicated sometimes...
    • mushroom
      Which sounds more likely: thousands of Gub'mint employees and a dozen agencies involved all keep quiet for decades after watching thousands of civilians die, or a handful of agencies (CIA, FBI, NSA, FAA) were too busy trying to protect their own little fiefdoms (i.e. job security) by hoarding data and refusing to cooperate with each other?
  • You know I am about sick and tired of all the accusations that President Bush paid the terrorists to carry out the attacks as a way of justifying attacking Iraq. Where is the proof? What eveidence is there that he had any involvement in it? If there is undeniable evidence he did this why has it not been presented to the proper authorities so he could be prosecuted for it? President Bush is alot of things. A cold blooded murderer is not one of them though. If he wanted to justify attacking Iraq I am sure he could have thought up a million other ways that didn't involve killing over 3000 innocent people.
  • Yes, I think the government had something to do with it.
  • A pig like Rosie O'Donnell wasn't ashamed to charge that the government somehow arranged the collapse of the twin towers... hiding explosives or something, I'm a little vague on the quote because she said it a year ago. Fortunately, seismographs do operate in New York, and an explosion of that magnitude would have been recorded by them. It wasn't. The buildings were collapsed because, as Tom Clancy had already written previously in his novel Debt of Honor, an airliner full of fuel makes a very destructive guided missile... and aviation fuel makes all the rugs, curtains, furniture, and papers in an office building burn quite fiercely enough to melt the girders that the building is hung on. (Tall buildings are no longer made out of brick and block; the lower stories would have to be solid brick to support the upper stories. Skyscrapers are building-panels hung on steel girders and columns.)
  • ok ... just for conversational sake ... go check out it's a 2 hour movie online - but it is VERY interesting and very controversial. I didn't think that the guv had anything to do with it until I watched this movie and now ... I'm not so sure
  • I honestly do not know for sure and cannot say on this matter until I have more evidence to back up the claims that I believe to be true of it, but I have read and heard convincing stories for both sides, though. -In the Master's service. Thank you and God bless you!
  • I want to know why the beams/girders were cut off at a 45 degree angle in some of the photos. There is NO reason for an ironworker to cut at that angle, it's 40% more work and time than cutting straight across. But it's the perfect angle to cut with explosives, if you want a vertical column to fail. I am 100% certain the gov't investigations & reports did not get at the truth.
    • mushroom
      Or perhaps those were cut off that way during the cleanup because of how they were buried/tangled by the collapse. Remember, at first they were assuming they might find survivors.
  • ::rolls eyes::
  • Go to It will give you some information that might suprise alot of you about events that occured before, during, and after 9/11.follow instructions and clik on loosechange 2nd edition
  • It's an inside job. I confess. I did it. I work as a special agent for the Feds. I also did the Kennedy assassination.
  • lol; Anyone who thinks the government is efficient enough to pull something off like that and hide the fact from everyone obviously hasn't ever worked in or with the government!
  • At least 1/3 of the American people believe it was an inside job, I don't know, anything can be believed -- What we know is: Twelve days before the September 11, 2001 attacks, Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak, had warned the U.S. -- George W. Bush and President Mubarak are said to be friends -- Mubarak's revelations concerning September 11 were published by a Lebanese newspaper on the September 7th, 2001. In the weeks before the attacks, the CIA issued a warning that Osama Bin Laden was pressing for terrorist action against Americans. The warning was based on new intelligence. Even after consenting to an investigation, George W. Bush and Dick Cheney stonewalled the commission set up to investigate as it follows: Refused to allow National Security Adviser Condoleezza Rice to testify. White House tried to limit Bush's testimony to one hour. White House withheld about 75 % of almost 11,000 pages of former President Bill Clinton records pertaining to the investigation of the terrorist attacks -- This information was held at the National Archives. They demanded that Bush and Cheney not be forced to testify under oath. Bush and Cheney demanded to be allowed to testify together. After months of negotiation, Bush finally allowed only four members of the commission to view only 24 of the 360 PDBs dating back to 1998; 'White House counsel Alberto Gonzales permitted them to see just 24.' The Bush Administration attempted to discredit members of the commission, especially Jamie Gorelick. In short, September 11, 2001 was used as a springboard for the pre-9/11 Bush scheme. The steps taken in the name of Homeland Security that were done in the name of 9/11 were actually already planned well before that event. It was the event that made it possible to implement them.
  • The FEMA report said that they had no clue whay Building 7 collapsed. (Of course they didn't phrase it that way.) So, I am 100% certain that the FEMA report doesn't give us the truth about why Building 7 collapsed, from that alone. :)
  • It was an inside job, by Al Qaeda, and Bin Laden. They were inside the planes. Dirty bastards.
  • Close your eyes and repeat after me: CIA terrorists would never do a black-op on American soil. Politicians would never murder or start wars to get more power. If there were a few hundred people involved in a mass murder, surely one of them would have let it slip (not caring about being rubbed out by his fellow murderers), and I would have read about it in the newspapers. If you believe CIA terrorists did it, then you're being disrespectful to the victims, but if you believe Arab terrorists did it, that's respectful. CIA terrorists are no more efficient or artful than Post Office employees. If it had been an inside job, then there would have been clues and discrepancies, and I would have read about them on a website somewhere.
  • Yes all the evidence points to it, NORAD standing down, Marvin Bush head of security until 8:15 a.m. in 911, Jeb Bush declaring martial law in Florida on 9-10, the firefighters who heard explosions in the building, and thousands of other things....
  • No, it wasn't. I don't even want to think if it was, i prefer to keep my eyes closed, my ignorance blissful, and my mind in the matrix. I know people that were lost in the tragedy. My dad was a fire marshal in Manhattan and he retired may of that year, just 3 months short of a nightmare. He still went down to help his friends, his brothers, and we went to more funerals that year then a little girl should have to go to in her lifetime. If 9/11 is uncovered as an inside job, I'm moving far away.
  • O.K. Let me quote the "Darling" of the left, the people who believe this type of stuff. "9-11 was NOT an inside job. We look like IDIOTS folks, saying the people who murdered our fellow citizens didn't do this, when they continue to murder people all over the world. So we have heard from you, now GO AWAY" Bill Clinton. Jan. 31, 2008. ABC world news broadcast
  • Loose Change 2nd Edition Answers This Question link:
  • Dupe:
  • No, I don't.
  • No. I don't lend much weight to any conspiracy theories.
  • Nah, it's more complicated than that. Extreme Islamists aren't these all-evil baddies that the media makes them out to be - they were created. To put it simply, a series of pro-Western capitalist democracies rose in the Arab world during the fifties and sixties, and some Arabs felt that their culture was being eroded by the imported American trash (now, can't we all relate to that?). A lot of crazy, misguided theories about Islam's role in society developed, Islamists asked to be listened to, but the governments refused to listen, partially on the behest of their Western friends. Not being listened to angered the Islamists, and things started getting radical from that point onwards. So, you could kind of say it was an 'inside job', but whether the idiots currently in office actually know how much their foreign policy directly engineered these events is questionable.
  • No ! Not even for a second .
  • Nope. An inside job would have been just as spectacular, but with far fewer casualties. It's the spectacle that matters for the public opinion, not the number of people who die, and VERY few terrorist attacks are that effective. It's just not plausible that it was an inside job. There are OTHER government type "conspiracy theories" I tend to lend more credence to, but not this one.
  • Absolutely. Bin Laden had the funds and connections to shut down the buildings for hours at a time and plant explosives to bring the buildings down. You are severely misguided if you think this was because of 'bin laden', the government is corrupt and something needs to be done. Never underestimate your opponent - the government.
  • In my opinion, it would not be hard for the U.S. Gov. to conspire to crash two jets into the WTC's. But. if you think that the WTC were brought down by the meens of "implosion", You have to be crazy! Have you ever watch these shows on the Discovery channel or similair? These major demolition companies have to carefully and perfectly place these explosives in just the right structual points on a building. and they do this after a building is stripped of thier internal walls, exposing the exact area to be exploded. They can't just toss a back pack full of explosives in a janitors closet. It would take a crew of workers, constantly coming and going, in and out of offices, with tools and materials, going in and out of the building. constantly disturbing the office workers, making them leave thier office rooms so that they can work. After a while, people would talk to each other. And the crew of workers that were to be doing this would have to be trusted this whole time not to talk or screw up some how. Plus if you have ever seen a large building being imploded, you always can see some flash point where the explosive are being ignited, also all of the explosives would have to be set off by wireless remote detination. Unless you think that there was a bunch of terrorist suicide bombers with thier own back packs running around the WTC. Timing would have to be perfect. I just find it a lot easier to fly two jets and take my opinion...
  • whatever it was, it was entirely the most evil force of destruction this modern civilisation has yet to see,...........
  • No. That's pretty imaginative though.
  • Nope, anyone who knows about explosives would know this. To bring down two towers and the setup involved, would be impossible to conceals and keep everyone quiet. The logistical support for such a conspiracy would be massive in the least.
  • Who knows, anything is possible. We have so much corruptions in our governments now it's easy to believe there could be some truth these theories somewhere along the line.
  • NO stupid conspiricy theorys like that will just help the terrorists.Do you really think that many people could keep it quiet.
  • i hope it wasn't!!
  • I just can't believe that Benladan from the caves of Afganestan could guide such a huge plan! The only terroristic plan he can handle is kidnaping and cutting the throat of innocent people in Afganestan and Iraq/-
    • mushroom
      History proved that while we were bombing the he!! out of an Afghanistan mountainside, bin Laden was living well in a compound in Pakistan until our Seal Team dropped in and got him.
  • I do not know if it was an inside job but i did hear that the government knew it was going to happen before it did. they just did not feel there was a credible threat. After they were warned.
  • No I don't, nor do I think Pearl Harbor, JFK's assassination or the existence of UFO's are conspiracies yo...
  • Not all the involved persons are Americans. A conspiracy orchestated by the international elite. My 2 cents.
  • Yes. The evidence is absolutely overwhelming. People need to face the truth. Check out
  • Of course it was, it is the biggest lie to ever face this nation. Thank your local CIA members.
  • At this point it really doesn't matter to me ,whoever did it is a dick.
  • i think the people who don't believe it was an inside job are the conspiracy theorists.
  • Inside job, yes. Was it completely orchestrated by the American government without any outside influence? Questionable.
  • Listen to me...VERY carefully, because it is astonishing how many people are convinced of this hook line and sinker. The 911 conspiracy is a disinformation campaign orchestrated by the government itself. You may ask yourself, "why?". It's really quite simple. Governments have done this many times before to achieve certain objectives. The overall objective of THIS propaganda campagin is, ironically enough, to ENSURE civil obedience, not disrupt it. The government has released the disinformation now known as the 911 inside job propaganda to lead you away from the real bread crumbs. What the government was guilty of on that fateful day was something far more alarming than treachery: They were totally and completely incompetent. The system broke down and failed you, it failed me, and it failed the victims of that attack. What they are hiding from you is that this nation, most of the time, is running idle in terms of security. There are gaps and holes that go unnoticed because they are never exploited. That changed on 911. On the surface, it would appear that the 911 conspiracy stuff incites civil disobedience. It does nothing of the kind. Sure, a bunch of left wing socialist nutbags might march and hold demonstrations in the cooler months, they might even put together some neat viral videos and put them on the web. But there won't be a revolt anytime soon and everyone knows that. Since those more prone to political dissent are the ones that pose the greatest threat to revealing the instability of the nation's security level, the best way to neutralize them is to keep them busy with a silly story about the govt blowing up the towers instead of terrorists. Since it's not actually the case, it's easier to paint them as loons and essentially polarize individuals on the subject altogether. It's all one big distraction. Now, if they ever DO realize the REAL truth, they have already been stigmatized by their previous assertions. They become inconsistent, they appear confused and partisan. They are now the boy that cried wolf. They have lost their credibility, and thus will never have influence over a large group of people again. Democracy wins yet again. What the government has banked on, and seems to be working out handsomely for them, is this notion of a "Hypercompetent Government" that the majority of people in this country have. They would rather you think they are massive and powerful enough to pull something of that magnitude off while being able to maintain silence from the perpetrators than you realize the truth, that they are not that efficient at their job. The government is actually a rather dysfunctional organism. The root of their power is based on us never fully realizing just HOW dysfunctional. Of course there are things about that day that they have hidden from us and will never reveal to us. The fact that they were behind the whole thing is not one of them.
  • i no it was theres no doubt in my mind i mean they did a great job trying to cover it up but if you were in their position you would do the same thing
  • Maybe with 2 Chenys (that evil SOB) but Bush would've f'ed it up!
  • Yes Alex Jones told me everything
  • for a conspiracy of that magnitude to have taken place would have involved hundreds, if not thousands, of people. setting up explosive charges without ANYONE seeing it would be impossible. and for not one of the hundreds of people leaking info is unthinkable. the government is notorious for not being very good at keeping secrets for long. just look at wayergate, or how short a time span the sr-71 or stealth fighters and bombers were secret. just a few short years. the more people involved in a conspiracy the less you are able to keep it a secret.
  • It is an inside job by Alquida.. they are right there in the american soil.
  • Nope, I do not believe the government planned it. But they did ignore warnings beforehand and brushed them off as nothing.
  • Silverstein took out maximum terrorist insurance before it happened. Investments on put options for airline companies and the buildings' insurance companies soared in the weeks before the attacks. Marvin Bush was head of security for WTC and the airlines. There was no engineering investigation of how the steel columns or building 7 collapsed. ... I think its safe to say that there are many loose ends.
  • i do0 think so0 !!!!
  • of course the goverment had something to do with it anyone who thinks different is very nieve,and look at how they can find a congressmans daughters suv but can't find bin laden but can find a man hiding in a hole maybe cause Bin Laden is at Bushs Ranch in Texas
    • mushroom
      As it turned out, bin Laden was living in a compound in Pakistan, and was finally caught when a courier was traced back to him. Meanwhile, the Trump administration has put a travel ban on several countries NOT including Pakistan.
  • Simply your asking tells me that you believe in bull!
  • have no idea
  • Yes, Papa Bush designed 9-11 and had the CIA carry it out while his son was in office to protect the Bush oil enterprises in the Middle East. They didn't care how many people they killed to do so. The planes striking the twin towers were not passenger planes but remote controlled aircraft. From youtube videos and other places those planes were flown to a remote airfield where those people were gassed and put to death. Just another blight on the U.S, government causing the deaths of thousands of innocent people.
    • mushroom
      Kinda difficult to justify the remote controlled planes when pieces of both 767s were found nearby, not to mention pictures of both planes immediately before impact. Now, was taking out Saddam related to our oil-dollar $upremacy? Of course. Not to mention revenge for Bush I.
    • Thinker
      The photos just before contact were not standard airliners. there were pods on the belly that were not standard also eye witnesses stated the planes had no windows along the fuselage and they were gray in color. There are too many proven things that the government will not admit to.
  • We know who did it.

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