• I've been having a similar problem with my 32 in. SONY. I believe there is a part inside that needs to be replaced.This is the third time in 12 years that my TV needs repair.The last 2 times they just repalced a part inside and it was good for a while.The first time the waranty covered it the second time it cost $180 for pick up,repair,and drop off.If you were willing to drop it off andpick it up I'm sure it would be much cheaper.I will repair imy TV 50 times if necassary,this TV is like one of my children.Plus they dont make em like they used too-now everthing is an alphabet soup plasma this- hd that- lcd -its all crap to me give me a TV.
  • Not likely to be much cheaper. The older parts are harder to come by hence the greater expense. If you find it's happening often enough, it's worth the investment to buy a tube tester. That way you can test your own tubes. Ebay sells tubes. Caution: High voltage transformers in there that maintain charge EVEN AFTER BEING UNPLUGGED. Don't hurt yourself.

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