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  • No they do not. Note that all of the documents linked to here are dated 1999, 2001. If The Watchtower Society unknowingly owned any stock in corporations that produced weapons of war, they would certainly divest themselves of that stock. What organization is known worldwide for it’s neutrality? What Christian people are known for being sent to Nazi concentration camps for refusing to Heil Hitler? See the link: According to the document you link to, here is how they explain the mission of Rand Cam: “We are engaged in the business of developing and building an improved axial vane-type rotary engine known as the Rand Cam TM Direct Charge ("RC/DC") Engine, which is a variation of the Original Engine. The Original Engine is an axial vane rotary engine, the worldwide marketing rights to which are held by RAND. A United States patent was issued for the RC/DC Engine on July 4, 1995, and assigned to us. Since no marketable product has yet been developed, we have not received any revenues from operations”. “On March 13, 2001, we announced that analysis has been completed on a RAND CAM COLD TURBINE ENGINE to generate 1000 horsepower at 1800 rpm for the electrical power generation market”. ” Motor Scooter Project The motor scooter project was successfully tested by Paul LaMarche, our engineer in Detroit, Michigan. Additional testing is proposed to prove the concept to potential interested customers”. Overall, It looks like the vast majority of this companies business in the civilian sector according to these documents, but you do not bring this out – do you? As any Answerbag member will see by looking at ViceGrips profile - all he comes to answerbag for is to attack people of another religion- Jehovah’s Witnesses. He calls himself a “Christian”.
  • The following is the body of the letter posted below as a picture. I can't confirm the authenticity of the letter since I located it on a JW hate site. Regardless... The introductory paragraph has been removed to protect its recipient. Notice this was dealt with in 2002.(These people who have an axe to grind won't let up and will even use old info that has been addressed to promote their hate) Here is the paragraph: After looking into this matter when it was first raised, we found that none of the legal corporations used by the Governing Body in caring for Kingdom interests own stock in the Rand Cam Corporation or any associate company involved in developing the diesel engine in question. The facts are that two brothers originally involved in inventing and developing the engine made a private agreement years ago (of which we were not notified) to send a portion of any profits realized from the venture to the Watch Tower Society as a gift for its worldwide work. Subsequently, circumstances required that rights to ownership and developing the engine be transferred to a holding company not controlled by them. The Watch Tower Society was erroneously listed as a stockholder in information published by the holding company, and this error has now been corrected. Hence, the charge is totally false. Moreover, the Watch Tower Society has received no contributions as a result of the original private agreement made between the two brothers.
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