• No youre not wrong. Its an acquired taste, I happen to love wine especially a nice chilean.On the other hand I can't drink anything too sweet e.g. peach schnapps.
  • Most wine takes getting used to. It's a taste that you must develop. I never really bothered to develop it myself; but, there a few wines that I liked right away.
  • I do, with the exception of Sangria, sort of, and some "Summer wine" I once tried (I don't remember exactly what it was, though), as it was really sweet.
  • I think wine tastes horrible
  • No, not wrong. You like what you like and you don't like what you don't like. Other people enjoy wine and have for a few thousand years. I myself love a really good red (bad reds a really bad though). I also love a few good whites. I didn't come to enjoying wine until I was in my late 20's and got the chance to taste some really, really good stuff. Then I discovered what the fuss was about!
  • You may not like it. I happen to really enjoy it. It is also a process. Generally, one starts out liking sweet wine and over time works their way to the drier tasting wines. Aside from dessert wine, in which you only drink a small amount, almost like drinking a liquor, I don't like sweet wine anymore. When first drank wine, I thought White Zinfandel was wonderful, now I think it tastes like Kool-Aid. That's not to say it is a bad wine. I think it is a great wine for those who don't like it or are new to wine. Also, there are so many varieties and tastes that I think it is hard to say. You may just not have found what you like yet. You may never like it. However, that's not to say that those of use that do like it don't just because you don't.
  • The taste of wine depends on: 1) the wine itself: - what is was made of and where - all parts of the fabrication process - transport and storage 2) how and where you drink it: temperature and other environmental factors 3) your mood by drinking and the associations the wine is waking (last summer in Italy) 4) what you have just drinked or eaten before and at the same time 5) your wine culture. (a special kind of education) I find some wines taste bad, some taste good and some taste very good. But I would not just stay by good and bad, there are many different, interesting tastes. And sometimes the taste is secondary.
  • I have yet to find a wine that I like. I keep trying different ones...maybe someday.
  • No, it's not wrong. If you don't like wine, you don't like it. I thought I hated wine until I finally tasted a truly GOOD wine, served at the proper temperature. I have yet to meet a beer I truly enjoy, though.
  • As with everything, people have different likes and dislikes. Not everyone is going to like wine. When we don't like something ourselves, it can be difficult to understand how anyone can like it. I happen to like wine...but detest coffee or anything that is even slightly coffee flavored. It's bitter and horrible....but obviously not everyone has my tastes.
  • Well anything takes getting used to and learning to appreciate and like. If we stop trying to learn new things then we don't grow. Suffice it to say that billions of people have enjoyed wine for thousands of years.
  • You can not say that wine tastes bad, however it tastes different. I think we all need to develop its taste over time. Because it would have tasted bad, no one going to love it, but as we see people love consuming it.
  • 2-22-2017 I don't drink wine because it just tastes like rotten grapes. Cheap wine is very nice, but I refuse to pay the price asked for something that only makes me stupid.

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