• Hopeless answer i know, but cant you just take the bulb out ?
  • Try to start your engine from time to time and step on the gas for a while to increase the RPM. By that way your battery will be charged.
  • Pull the fuse until you can get it to someone who can diagnose & repair the root of the problem.
  • There are a few possible causes for this problem. The most likely on is that a relay has failed. Under the hood, somewhere nere the firewall should be a box of relays. The lid of the box should have a description of each relay within. Find the one for the lights and pull it out. If the lights turn off, that's the culprit. If not, the headlight switch could be bad. That too is a fairly simple job, you can probably get a knowledgable parts store employee to walk throughh it with you. The last, and most unlikely cause is a short in the electrical system somewhere that's causing power to be sent to the lights at all times. I highly doubt this is the case, but if the other two options fail you need to have a professional track down the cause.

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