• They can google you.
  • Often on application forms they ask if you have a criminal conviction/caution.They may also ask for a criminal record check.If you say 'No' the employer is likely to wonder what you are hiding.If you say 'yes' they can check records.If you do not disclose a criminal conviction (unless perhaps it is 'spent') the employer could dismiss you at a later date for witholding info.
  • No.Juvenile records are not a matter of public record and if you were not tried as an adult or sentenced as one, then your record will be sealed when you turn 18 and it's like you get a fresh new plate at the buffet of life. Just don't break the new one, because that will be a matter of public fact. You get a chance to start new.
  • YES YES YES,, i sat here and read all these little posts that most of these people put out without even knowing what the hell there saying for a while now. I was recently asked to follow my manager into his office where he asked me if i did alot of trouble making in my past...however, it was four years back so they didnt hold it against me..but yes yes yes yes yes they can find it.. my last committed crime was at 15 years of age,, im 20 now..they found my record at 15..oh,, and my probation officer once told me that in certain states(me being in florida) they hold your record on the table for anyone to see.. obviously it is like that here should research it..otherwise,,yes they can..just hope there too lazy to do it.

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