• If you are willing to take a chance. Some birds get along just fine, most of the time. If they don't or one of the birds has a bad day, then the love bird could end up with a crushed beak, making the bird unable to eat without a beak and a certain death or a large veternarian bill or both. Birds of dissimiliar sizes should not be placed together in the same cage as a rule. I f you are lucky and get away with no harm to the birds so much for that. But if one time something goes wrong...
  • I wouldn't put them in the same cage.
  • Not usually, but both do prefer their cages to be lined with the neighbor's New York Times, though. :-)
  • The cockatiel will probably beat up on the lovebird and stress it out. Would not do it. Cockatiels go best with other Cockatiels, although they will not learn to talk as well. A single cockatiel will talk better ,vocabulary limited, but nontheless it will bond more with you and not the other bird. I have owned a couple.
  • NO!!!! Lovebirds tend to overpreen and will even bite the toes off of any other bird. Do not mix any other birds with lovebirds!
  • NO, they should not be placed in the same cage. Some lovebirds can get very aggressive and cockatiels can inflict painful bites, as well. They are totally different temperaments. Only cage them separately

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