• That would depend on the other person in the relationship and this would definately be a topic that should be discussed before it is done. Some people might think it is okay while others would find it very wrong. As a wife myself, I would not call it cheating per se, assuming there was no physical contact with the other people, but definately would not be happy about it. However, if I was with him, it might be a different story. :)
  • Strip Poker is considered a slightly erotic version of a common game known as "poker". Cheating, in regards to relationships is not faithful to a spouse or lover; so in summary, to answer your vague question. No.
  • it really depends on the rules or expectations of your relationship. if getting undressed in front of other people is against the rule then yes. if there is touching, fonding or playing involved, then yes. if its ok to undress in front of whoever then its not.
  • Not in its innocent form, but if you have a significant other, it would probably be considered slutty and/or grounds for breaking up. Like people have said, though, it all depends on who was there and what kind of person your boy/girlfriend is.
  • Nope..if getting naked is all that is going on..not cheating
  • No, I consider it distracting.
  • It's just not cool, unless you're in an open relationship. But unfortunately, that's not the case...
  • It depends upon what the flop is. Are you playing 5 card stud strip poker?
  • Yes. That's putting yourself in an unnecessary position. Would you want someone else looking at your boyfriend or girlfriends naked body?
  • I certainly wouldn't play while in a relationship without that person around and saying it is ok. If my wife went to a strip poker game that had guys in it, and I found out, the locks would be changed before she knew what hit her!
  • It's hard to say really. In all honesty while I have extremely good self control if I had a significant other I would not take the risk of being tempted and making a mistake that would break her heart and cost me a person that I loved. Is strip poker cheating? Technically no if all you are doing is taking off your clothes however I don't think it is very appropriate whe someone is in a relationship to be playing those sorts of games with someone who is not their s/o because of where it could possibly lead to in the end.
  • I've been in a stiuation with a married couple, my wife and myself. The four of us decided to play strip poker one night. We all had known each other for several years. It was a one time incident. It did not lead to anything more, as it was never the intention to go beyond just being naked. We discovered that although we all knew each other, we didn't have to know each other to that extent. No, I would not consider strip poker as cheating. Unless of course your (intention) is more than just getting naked.
  • depends on what your s/o considers cheating
  • Its close enough. And honestly, who plays strip poker when something more than just sitting around with your junk out isn't going to happen?
  • In my opinion, it is cheating. That's a boundary I won't cross and that's a boundary I hope my boyfriend won't cross, either. I'm pretty sure he won't, though.
  • yeah you should know that
  • Why would YOU play strip poker??????? My opinion is yes.
  • Not if you're playing with your partner.
  • i'm sure naked twister would be cheating!
  • Just nudity? No, I think it's considered awesome. My personal opinion is given above. I actually think it could be considered so. Really, the only way to answer your question is by taking into account who is doing the "considering", in other words your s/o. What do they think? Are they comfortable with it? If not, your s/o might think so, and at the very least he/she might think it crosses some very serious relationship lines if he/she wasn't around. Something to consider. I would at least talk to them first.
  • God I hope not.
  • no not at all - stop talking and deal the damn cards already +3
  • Depends on the relationship really. Example, me and my ex used to play the odd drunken spin-the-bottle at parties and it was fine, as it was just for a laugh and we were both there. I'm sure we would've played strip poker had someone started up a game :P
  • No it's considered fun, but in some cases u have to make rules.
  • It would be in my case because I'd be exceptionally bad player...and lose all my clothes as a result! I know I'd be a bad player obviously because I can't play poker, also because I played a drinking game and had to drink the most out of anyone :P

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