• Yes. Leaving the scene means exactly that. Whether you walk or drive away you are just as guilty for leaving the scene. The only exception may be if you are injured and taken to the hospital. The investigating officer ought to know which hospital you are going to so that he can complete his investigation.
  • Why would you do either? lack of insurance? outstanding warrants? stolen vehicle? drunk? just committed a felony? it the vehicle is registered to you, then why leave? it only compounds the situation and you will surely be arrested. driving away or walking away makes no difference! the same law applies to both. end
  • Leaving an accident scene is leaving an accident scene, whether by car, on foot or in someone else vehicle. State laws differ, but in Florida you must leave all pertinent information (driver info, insurance, registration info) if compelled to leave the scene. Even then, circumstances depending, leaving implies fault or the attempt to hide something.
  • Either is a hit and run crime. if you did not leave your name, address and phone number at the scene, walking, running, driving makes no difference.
  • Here in Australia it would be a crime indeed.
  • Leaving the scene is leaving the scene, whether in a car, on a bicycle, on foot or whatever. Any of the above are illegal. The law requires that you confront the situation and own up to your responsibility in it.
  • um yes, both.
  • you have committed the crime not the car why would they give a crap if the car left other than to piece together what actually happened because no one is honest nowadays.
  • if you are an illegal, that is the FIRST thing you do run like hell.....
  • Ummmm...I do believe that YOU have still left the scene if you park the car and run. I am not real sure that police can question a :)
  • The person fleeing the scene is the problem, not the getaway means
  • Doesn't matter how you flee the scene of the accident it's still a crime.
  • Leaving the scene of an accident, means just that. whether its on foot, in a car, or riding a horse, its all the same and the mode of transportation makes no difference. Its about intent.
  • Yes, and yes. You have to remain at the scene of the accident until the emergency workers and police arrive, and the police relerase yoju to leave. Why would you leave unless you are under the influence of something you are not suppposed ot have? Be kind. Be joyful. Be safe. Sincerely, Uncle Floyd
  • Leaving the scene of an accident is the same, whether you leave by car or on foot. Leaving is leaving.

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