• Usually when using 3rd party controllers they are not 100% compatible with the XBOX system. In the case you are using a MS Controller, this problems is caused by a loose or faulty connection with your Controller and the XBOX Controller port. It can be the actual plug itself or just a few inches away there is a break point in the controller. This itself my be lose or have become dirty and can cause problems. Try another controller new/old to see if the problem continues. If you have tried another official MS controller and the problem persists the problem is more likely inside the XBOX itself.
  • I've had this problem with almost all of my controllers. What I find is that the wire is the problem, not the controller itself. The problem is the wire needs to be pulled in some direction. For instance, my controller needs the wire to be pulled upwards, for some reason. To remedy this, I stick the wire of my controller into the memory card slot, thus pulling the wire upwards. sometimes, it needs to be pulled downwards, so tape may be a good option. Also, try not to move a lot while you're playing. it's movement of the wire that causes these problems.
  • Im getting that problem too. I have the wireless controllers and it keeps saying please re connect controller its so damd annoying

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