• "The cells that eventually form the placenta are called trophoblasts. Specialized trophoblasts, the syncitiotroblast, are responsible for developing an interface with the maternal circulatory system to provide nutrients and allow gas (oxygen [O2] and carbon dioxide [CO2]) exchange to occur. Periodically, while this interface is developed, some of the maternal blood is lost. This implantation bleeding is typically short in duration and quite light. Approximately one third of all pregnant women report bleeding that is associated with implantation. The presence of implantation bleeding does not increase the overall risk of miscarriage, however. Most pregnancies will continue until term without further bleeding" (from
  • Since the above answer gave you good information, let me just share my personal experience. With my son (who is currently my only child) I had what looked like the end of my period (brownish-red discharge, pretty light but I needed a panty liner) on the day I was supposed to get my period. It lasted for about 2 days, and I got a positive pregnancy test the day after that (so about 16dpo). I also had an early miscarriage before my son's pregnancy, and I had no implantation bleeding with that. And now, I am hoping to be pregnant again and I have started getting a pinkish-brown light discharge today, which is 3-5 days before my period should start. So I'm about 7-9 dpo (days past ovulation). So in my not so vast experience, the bleeding has been very light (not enough to need a tampon, and hardly enough to need a panty liner) and only lasted a few days. Hope this helps!
  • Katmoma.... Can you help.... I have had my period on the 4th Septem just past.... then surprise dark spotting on the 19 yeterday then today dark brick red colour. Thats excaclty 16 days from first day of last period, and 5-6 days after sex. I know this is not my period and this has not happened before. Could this be implantaion bleeding, PS: has a very light skin like substance this moring, like a lining of somesort but very very small amount. Not a bleed at all like my period, and not an infection. I have spoken to a nurse she thinks it may be implantaion bleed. Can you fill me in with any further details of your implantation bleed you had. Ta Oh yes have never had a baby, and older than 35. Is not an infection,but a very real brick thickess colour, and outside light rediness.
  • PS: Normal period 4th september... Then day 12 from first day of start of my period which would have been the 15th Septem we had sex... then from this day to my unusal bleed 5-6 days after sex. We are trying to concieve.. ??? Any help form others experinces appriciated.
  • its like light pink in colour or can be brown as well as light reddish depends upon your body 'coz every women is different. It can be as heavy as your first day of period but it lasts for few hours. Yes, it can be for 3-4 days and even more or can extend upto one month, even then you are pregnant. Offcourse it can be less then a day,can say for just half day or only for 1-2 hours.
  • A good book is taking charge of your fertility or so my wife used, she is also a addict where she gets all sorts of womans,child,baby information.
  • Hi, I am trying to figure out a similar thing. My partner and I had intercourse 6 days ago. Yesterday (5 days since intercourse) I had a small bleed. It was more like a heavy discharge with dark and pinkish to red in it on the tissue paper only. Since then there has been nothing. The first day of my cycle was 16th sept, intercourse was the 24th. Could this be a possible implantation bleed. I am aware some web sites say it can happen anywhere from 5 days after intercourse. A good friend who has had 2 children immediately said implantation bleed and did not hesitate to respond!!! I have a son already and did not have this with him, at least i don't remember. Though he wasn't planned so maybe I just wasn't so aware of my cycles. any comments welcome. I did exercise yesterday morning and some people say doing this can make you leak while the implantation is taking place.
  • My sister spotted for 2 days when she had her first child and so did our mother. I may be preggo and I spotted too :((

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