• (Contributor: Al Bowers - Intro: This is a popular sport in Japanese communities. Origin: Japan History: Kendo is the sport and competitive form of Kenjutsu. Kendo has been practiced for a long time in one form or another. Description: The practitioners wear protective armor and use simulated swords (split bamboo called "shinai") to "spar" against one another. Strike areas are limited as are moves. It is a very formal art. It is linear, hard, and external. Training: Training mostly consists of two-person drills, basics, and some kata that have been retained from kenjutsu between individuals. Sub-Styles: none (?)
  • Kendo is a competive sport there are two forms of kendo, Itto ryu and nito ryu. Itto is the one sword school and nito is the two sword school, When in kendo compition one may be matched aginst a person of either system both compete togather. Also Kendo students may match aginst the naginata Ouch! the gal's hit hard.
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