• iam not sure , but i know that mine changes colour with my moods and emotions , iv been told this by my mom who knows a lot about these things.
  • My understanding is that your aura is sort of like the energy that your body gives off. If you sit still and concentrate it is possible to feel you own or someone's aura. If you let your hands go over your body, a few inches away from the skin, you will feel it. Some people have the gift od being able to see this aura either in different colours or as a whits light. If you concentrate it is possible to see the energy given off by any animal or even plants and trees. I have heard od people 'seeing' this energy being given off by one person and absobed by othere, as in an instructor 'giving' their energy to pupils.
  • Everyone had an aura. That's your spirit. You just have to learn how to see them. There's plenty of books and websites.
  • you can actually get an auric photograph done.......i had mine done as a psychic fair.......mine was yellow and green, the yellow meant i was good at teaching and the green was for healing. It was interesting as i was a teacher at the time.
  • can ppl detect how you are feeling through your aura?
  • Every one has an aura.
  • Everyone has an aura. usually 3 inches to three feet surrounding you.(varies] As your consciousness expands your aura will grow, and change colors. As you become very pure in your consciousness, some peoples auras are miles wide. when you enter their Auric field , you actually experience a relative change in the energy field.
    • Anoname
      3 inches is the normal field. I've even heard of some extending out around a foot - but miles I can't believe.
    • beaker95
      I can sometimes stretch my 2.5 inches to 3, with a really hard tug.
  • Everybody has an Aura, scientifically it comes from chemical reactions inside your body and it is called chemiluminescences. With some practice you will be able to see it.
  • I know I do and so do you, for everything in the Universe has vibrations. Hence, everything has an aura. People, animals, and plants change with time while non-living objects do not change.
  • Every living thing has an aura. There's a fun way to show it: Straighten out two wire clothes hangers. Turn down one end of each about 6". Hold them with the handles in fists up next to your chest, where they won't move but could swing freely. They should be parallel to the ground about 8-10" apart. Now have someone straight toward you from about 10' away. If you are holding them correctly, they'll react when the aura of the person gets close to you.

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