• (Contributor: Bob Blount - Bushidokan is an eclectic art of recent origin, founded by Jim Harrison in the late 1960's. Harrison has studied Judo and Shorin-Ryu karate extensively. The Bushidokan Art is a combination of Okinawan karate, judo, and some JJ, with the primary emphasis on karate. The karate portion of Bushidokan's training is quite similar to Shotokan - definitely Okinawan in ancestry. Bushidokan is best suited for those interested in effective street self-defense, tournament fighting, and fairly rugged physical conditioning. Beginning students learn seven basic stances, seven basic strikes (six linear, one circular), seven basic blocks (one of which is circular) and seven basic kicks. Many of the self-defenses taught incorporate techniniques not included in the "basic" seven, thus exposing the student to a greater variety. These include a number of throws, a few soft (redirecting) blocks, and several wrist/hand locks. Two basic self-defense strategies - a direct counter and an indirect counter - are taught for each type of attack. Sparring is introduced as students progress, but is always optional, and ranges from "no contact" to "full contact".
  • The Bushidokan Federations schools around the world teach the ancient Martial Art called JuJitsu (which means 'gentle technique'). The style we teach is called "DanZan Ryu ZenYo Bujutsu". It is a combination of the whole Japanese traditional "DanZan Ryu" JuJitsu system and advanced elements of the ancient Tibetan Martial Art system called "Lama Pai". The system includes ancient knowledge of the human body and behaviour for combat and healing purposes, and modern aspects as well. The approach is purely practical, perfect for every day self defense, basic and advanced security purposes etc. The system includes also use of weapons, although the main approach is empty handed combat. This Martial Art is not a sport and is not practiced as one. It is practiced as a Martial Art, as a way of life. See more at

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