• No, it's not true. You cannot remove color from your hair with anything that is typically hanging around your house. This is a process that is better left to a professional. It is complicated and can really damage your hair if you don't do it right. If you are detrmined to do this at home, visit a beauty supply store for products that are made to remove color from hair (they typically have many different products available depending on what you need). Also see Good luck.
  • I used to be a hairdresser but and have heard and take note I only have heard that if you mix vitamin c powder one part powder to two parts shampoo that this removes colour from your hair Heres the exact recipe I have just found it put in a bowl a nickel or quarter size dolop of shampoo ad vitamin c powder while mixing with a fork to form a frothy paste. Add to your hair thoughroughly work through leave in for half or three quarters of and hour then rinse out, repeat the process if nesacarry. Shampoo with normal shampoo afterwards and condition as usual
  • Be very careful if you go to the drugstore and purchase something. I went and used a "Hair color remover kit" and it took the color out of my hair but it also burned my scalp, and I literally had orange, yellow, WHITE!!, black, red and brown hair when I was done. there were spots and stripes, it was awful. I would suggest going to a perfessional myself. I had to go the the store, with a towel on my head, and purchase a hair color - dark red-bergundy, to cover up the mess. it worked, but the whole process fried my hair and I was right back were I had started, a head full of coloured hair.
  • actually i ahve found one way of gradually taking the color out use baking soda and ur shampoo mix equal parts and massage in your hair for 5 minutes wash out and condition do this once a week and it will gradually take the color out of died hair but keep in mind it will not fully take it out just maybe lightrn the died hair back to a more subtle and naturaL color. good luck
  • My hairdresser told my boyfriend that you can add baking soda to your normal shampoo and leave that soak on your hair. You can also try Dawn dish soap and Tide laundry detergent. Anything that deep cleans will strip your hair of the hair dye as good as you can without going to a salon. After doing this you need to deep condition though because it strips your hair and damages it. I like to use a mayo and olive oil mixture and let it soak for 30 minutes to 2 hours. You can also use hot vegetable oil by pouring the oil into a ziplock then setting it in a cup of HOT water to heat the oil then massaging the oil into hair, also let this set on hair for 30 minutes to 2 hours.
  • I have died my hair since I was 16 and I'm now 54, so I know a little bit about hair dye. I'm letting the gray come in naturally and trying to get rid of my existing hair dye. I used dish washing detergent to wash out the hair dye, which left me with this darken, dead color on the tips of my hair. I was just about to remove all the hair color and start over, when I read the suggestion for the Vitamin C mixed in to your shampoo. I took (6) 500 mg of Vitamin C tablets and crushed them to a powder, adding the powder to a quarter size of shampoo. I mixed the two together until it made a paste. I applied the mixture to my hair and let it sit for 60 minutes. When I washed the paste away, my hair looked FABULOUS!! That flat color on the ends was gone and my hair is beautiful. I can't believe this cure all hasn't been made public before. Thanks for the information!!
  • I'm so glad I found this! I dyed my hair black, like I always do. I'm naturally a brown/black and I dye to cover the grey. Well, this time it came out awful. It looked like I dipped my head in a bucket of black shoe polish! First I tried washing it in Dawn dish soap and that helped a little bit. The next day I went to the drug store and got some Vitamin C gel caps. I split them open (six of them at 500mg each) and mixed them with about a table spoon of baby shampoo. Now, this is the step no one has mentioned so far, I wet my hair down before mixing in the shampoo and vitamin c. Don't know if I was supposed to do it that way or not. It might have worked better without wetting it first. If I ever have to do this again, I'll definitely do it on dry hair! Either way, I left it on for about 45 minutes because I didn't want to lighten it too much, just take the terrible flatness out of the color and lighten just a little bit. Anyway, it worked out just great. My hair is still black but it's a natural black now and I even have some highlights to it. This worked perfect for me and I'm sure that if I'd used the powder and left it on longer, I could have lightened it much much more! Thank you!!!
  • Well here I am, I have had light blonde colored hair for years now; I had a bee in my bonet and thought I'd look good as a strawberry blonde! So...I used permanent strawberry blonde hair color and thought I looked really good! Well two days into it I looked and mirror and thought "What was I thinking????" My hair was pretty much orange. No matter how you tried to slant it - wasn't pretty - just orange. People at work didn't say anything TO ME but they probably have been saying "Oh My God!" when I came into the office Monday morning. I was resigned to just dealing with my insane woman looking new hair until I came upon this blog tonight! So after reading all the commentary here; especially on the part of the women who had RED hair, I took 4 vitamin C tablets and ground them up (not easy this grounding part) and I added a tsp of shampoo and put it in my hair. Not much seemed to be happening and I could barely soap it up so I took another 4 and small amt of more shampoo and this time I got my hair to lather up all over! I kept checking my hair in the mirror - I was really nervous about doing this - and in about 45 minutes plus or minus I finally decided to wash it out - hair looks almost like it did before I did this! I'm flabbergasted that it worked! Especially since red is impossible to get out of your hair!I love the internet! It saved my appearance today; but of course most of all the women who wrote on this site to begin ladies gave me the courage to try this and I thank you sincerely for writing in this blog in answer to these questions! It worked for me!
  • I grabbed the wrong box of Loreal Preference permanent hair color - but of course didn't notice. Last night I did the deed - the dreaded 2 hour process, which was long over due. I have been pulling my hair through a cap and adding light red to mousy brown hair for 20 years (the ends fade to blonde when it's time to re-do and the roots are grown out - but it ends up looking like highlights once you are done - kind of like reverse frosting). So instead of #7 light auburn, I ended up with intense copper red - which over took all of my hair color. My hair is is great condition, and I really didn't want to use a color remover, or go through the process again with an ash color only to be left with ash and burgundy colored hair - not seemly for a 45 yr old woman. So I thought what the heck - try the vitamin c/shampoo first and see what happens. I was really burgundy - so I added a boost of lemon juice and wrapped in saran and left in on for 1.5 hours. The unveiling was fabulous!!! I am so thrilled that I didn't have to ruin the condition of my hair to get back to looking like me. Thank you all - especially experienced gals for posting your results!! Happy Hair!
  • if someone who used this thing with the vitamin C enters here, please , if i stay all night long with the paste made out of vitamin C and shampoo, it will damage my hair? my hair is dyed in medium chestnut and i want it a lot loghter to put on an intense red which I love! Is it really working?? I am totally amazed! i haven't heard about this beafore! my hair is damaged because of a decolouration an year ago and I really want to dye my hair with an intense gorgeous red. another decolouration will kill my hair for good. I am running to buy vitamin C right now. Thank you all and waiting for answers , i hope someone will enter here again
  • Windex.
  • The vitamin c-shampoo combination worked well for me. My stylist dyed my hair a horribly dark brown color. I looked so scary. I used the vitamin c three times. I have very thick medium length hair and I ended up using the entire bottle of vitamins (90 capsules!) spread over the three times. I left it on for about an hour each time. Good results! My previous highlights are showing through now and the color is much softer. I'm really glad I came across this thread!
  • crystal light lemonade mixed with a little water and placed on wet hair will remove yellow staining from well water.let sit for half hour and wash hair
  • I bought some vitamin c and mixed it with shampoo blah blah and i had a shower and mixed it in when i got out and have left it in for almost 20 minutes now, waiting very anxiously and hoping it will work My hair is medium brownish - the faded result of dying my hair bluey black way back in march I'm trying to grow it out to my natural light light blonde colour but am too impatient I really hope this will work If i'm doing anything wrong please please tell! -Thanks
  • Hai, I have found this site to be use full. I hope it's will help you........ Chek it out……..
  • I have been coloring my hair with permanent and switched to semi permanent color about 6 months ago. The ends were very dark and I am trying to let my hair go back to its natural silver. The roots were so noticeable....ugggh I found this site and tried the 500 mg caplets crushed but used prell since I didn't have baby shampoo. Left it on for an hour and it's much lighter and bearable now. I plan to do this 2-3 more times this weekend and maybe if I get "waylayed", LOL and leave it in longer, most of the dye will be gone and I can get the rest cut out soon as my hair is short. Thanks so much for the tip.

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