• Yes, I sometimes dream of stuff that usually happen within a few days/weeks and when it occurs it's really unnerving. I've also had many experiences about knowing things that are going to happen, they just pop into my head. (Mostly missing people and deaths.) I have always been very tuned in too certain things about people and other things. I've tried to keep all of this hidden to a certain extent; because I don't want to be consider a nutcase. I've tried to help people when I can. Otherwise I don't say anything outside of my close friends and family.
  • Life is a dream, dreams are reality. I wake up in my dreams, and I dreamily go about my waking moments. I feel awake in my sleep and I feel sleep when awake. "I have a dream" this quote is attributable to 6 billion people.
  • yes i have had numerous supernatural dreams and visions. Some peace filled and some terrifying. as well as physically witnessed supernatural occurances(many).Todays vision began as i took a walk around my block this morning. I saw my heart stopped beating and in an instance i was pulled away from my body much like a glove off a hand. I was suddenly in spirit form and what I felt was heaven(this all happened in a split second) much to my surprise i didnt feel peace but I was afraid. I was afraid because i felt unworthy of being in the presence of God. Then the vision was over. Here is a Dream. I was sitting in a dark room, in a rocking chair. The room had doors widows that were opened. outside there was a tremendous red glare as if there was fire all around me. I was wearing a chatholic priest uniform and i had one foot hanging in what looked like a heating vent in the wall. I couldnt figure why i had one foot in there. I knew that down that vent was pure evil though yet my foot stayed. Then i felt the room became as if evil was about to come in. I felt it began coming up my foot. into my leg. filling me up like a glass of water. like a flood of evil. as it reached my neck I lifted my head and streached my neck as if i was in deep water, gasping for a breath. i cried out "angels help me" As the presence filled to the top of my head a voice or rather many voices came out of my mouth "i am roxanne" I eyes were pure black and then i awoke. I didnt know why roxanne.. I searched for demon names but nothing, then i search the meaning of roxanne. Means morning. I cried for angles to help and the morning angel showed up "satan" himself. i would love to here some feed back.
  • i have dreams of putting 2 tripple 15" subwoofer boxes in the back of my 95 toyota ext cab pickup truck. but my wife wont let me make them dreams come true.
  • ready for anther? Good. This was a dream about ten years ago. I remember it like it happened last night. right before I went to bed this night my brother in Christ and I were praying together and feeling quite proud in the power we have gained over all demons(thanks Jesus)<><. I yelled out "Satan as of today i wage war against you and all your demons". My brother then said" what are you doing? do you realize the size of satans army." i said yeah but do u know the size of our God. My brother then said you better be right and stay right with God or its gonna get bad for you in a hurry. as i fell asleep i immediatly went in to a dream state. Let me say that every time i have a supernatural dream I know it as compared to a normal dream(forgotton in seconds. The supernatural ones stick for life and has a totally odd/weird feeling. So i am standing on an edge of a body of water on a rock. The over in the distance in the horizen it looks like black clouds moving in fast.I remain standing in a long white robe holding some sort of staff with a jewel. I realize that its not clouds. it was millions of demons coming in fast. I suddenly start calling them by name binding them(they would freeze in the air as if bound by a rope. the i would cats them back to hell. they would vanish. The problem that i had i had to do it one at a time. I was doing it very quickly and for what felt like hours but I were still getting closer and closer. I was getting tired. I began to slow down and started to realize that I was gonna have to rely on my armor i suddenly had on. the demons flew madly all around me trying to penetrate my armor of God. The one demon found a small crack in my breastplate and i looked down at him as he dug his claws in and ripped it opened. he smiled and dove in and i suddenly found my self in a disgusting sexual dream. the girl in the sexual dream turned her head at me and smiled(it was the same demon)
  • I used to have night terrors, but not recently. If you're still interested in knowing what they are post a comment and I'll tell you.
  • Yes to both. They would take too long to describe.

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