• use a dry shampoo the rub in brush out type you can find it at you chemists.
  • You could try washing it in the sink instead of the shower. It may be a pain in the rear, but try tilting your head to the side with your ear that was operated on facing up. Keep your head tilted while wetting and rinsing under the faucet so the water drains down away from your ear.
  • Okay I have had ear surgery twice so I know how to do this. Depending on which ear, have that one up with your head on the side. I have tried various means here from taping plastic wrap over the area to having someone hold it and neither works very well. Just place a hand towel around the area. I have tried rolling the hand towel and tying it up and that is fairly successful. This creates and barrier around the area you want to keep dry. Using a jug or hand held spray, gently wet your hair and wash, condition as usual. The rolled towel helps keep water from getting into the ear and on it's surrounds. You have to be a little gentle. Your arms will ache a bit and your head, neck and shoulders will too because this is an unnatural position to hold for too long. Wrap and towel dry your hair gently. Comb and blow dry and usual. All should be okay. Get someone to help, or if you can afford it go to a local hairdresser and ask them to wash your hair, you can then hold a towel over your ear to keep it dry while they wash for you. Goodluck and I hope your surgery was successful.

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